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Cheer Up with These Awesome Trip Ideas during COVID-19

With the Coronavirus pandemic hitting us all hard, restlessness is growing. We are forced to stay home for our own and everyone else’s wellbeing. Thankfully, the restrictions are slowly easing.

Did you know that a recent report by the United States Travel Association mentions that the amount people spend on travel has increased by a considerable margin in the last few weeks? Sounds unbelievable, but it is true!

People have started venturing out of homes to take short trips and release all the pent up confined-ness. And with restrictions set to ease more, even you can start planning trips to get away from your four walls.

Travel plans on the rise as pandemic restrictions ease

At this point, everybody is happy to be going out. However, when we embark on a trip, we might experience anxiety and a lot of other issues. Reading about the unpleasant experiences of people who got stuck when traveling during COVID-19 makes us shiver to our toes. So, while planning a trip sounds like incredible fun, we need to remember to take health precautions so that you don’t catch the virus unknowingly.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some ideas where we can avoid these modes of transport and opt for safer ones. Of course, we will stick close to home!

Camping or Glamping

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of hotels at the moment, consider camping or glamping. Wait, what the heck is glamping? Well, if you haven’t tried glamping before, it’s the same as camping, but with a great touch of glamor.

It involves camping in tents that are more luxurious and laced with more facilities than traditional camping tents. So, why not give glamping a try? After all, this is the perfect time to try something new, wouldn’t you say!

Charter a Yacht

Now, this sounds like a fun idea! Charter a yacht and head for the high seas. You can also organize a group trip with friends and family to enjoy your time off.

While this vacation could well drain you financially, you can always split the cost with your friends. If you love the waters, this is the perfect alternative to going on a cruise.


Unsplash | Charter a Yatch and set out for the high seas

Rent an RV

RVs can accommodate about 3 to 7 people. They come equipped with everything you need, including microwaves, running water, cook-tops, and more. You can hire these for a reasonable price, and off you go! Check with your friends, plan the itinerary, and travel on your house on wheels for as long as you want.

Bonus Ideas

In addition to the above, this may be an excellent time to experience all that national parks have to offer. Have a picnic, laze around in the parks, swim, and enjoy hikes through the forests


Unsplash | Picnicing with family could be an awesome idea

Wrapping up

Coronavirus has forced us all to stay cooped inside our homes. With restrictions being lifted, use your time to renew your passion for traveling and enjoy life outdoors.

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