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Cars and Yachts is designed to answer the needs of those who are constantly on the lookout for exclusive news and stories from the luxurious lifestyles of rich and famous. Did your favorite actor buy a new car? How about a sneak peek into their palatial mansions? We bring you insider information about the spending habits of Hollywood millionaires with a sprinkle of lifestyle news, and a splash of latest trends in the luxury market for cars, yachts and jets.

If you’re obsessed with cars, yachts and everything cool, or wanting to get inspired to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, then you might want to stick around – because we’ve got you covered!


Well, we guess you could say we’re a little obsessed with the rich and famous lifestyle and truly believe such life is achievable by everyone, and we’re here to get your inspired!

Some of the coolest topics we feature include lifestyles of the rich and famous, the creation of custom cars, jets and yachts, the latest news from the fields’ giants, and last but not least, some automobile eye candy for the ones who simply cannot get enough of this lifestyle.