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5 Best RVs on the Market That Will Take Your Glamping Experience to the Next Level

Are you a glamping enthusiast? According to HotCars, RVs can revitalize the concept of glamping as you know it. And while getting yourself a mobile home could be an expensive undertaking, the car enthusiast site claims that the RVs they recommend are worth every dime.

They promise that the recreational vehicles are all about the glitz you enjoy in your own home, the only difference will be that you’ll be on wheels. This, they say, is the solution for those avid travelers who’d rather not leave their stuff at home.

Are you planning for an expensive road trip? Here are some of the RVs that you should check out.

Futuria Sport + Spa

This vehicle combines the luxury of a yacht and a motor vehicle, resulting in a to-die-for RV. The roof features a whirlpool plus 36 feet worth of deck space enough for a party. Pool party anyone? There’s also a complete sound system, disco lights, and a fog generator up there, completing the party-mode setup.

Isn’t this a to-die-for RV?

Down below is a bedroom that has its own bathroom, and there’s also a kitchen plus a leather dining room. These, btw, are just general specs, as this RV is usually custom made. This means that each vehicle has its own price, by they go for slightly more than $950,000 on average.

Foretravel IH-45

If what you’re looking for is smooth rides all the way, then this is the recreational vehicle for you. For these premium rides, the RV has inbuilt aircraft technology that cancels out road noise. Were it not for the windows, you’d never notice that you’re on some highway and not relaxing in your living room.

The vehicle comes with both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, in addition to a ceiling full of pot lights and a floor heating mechanism. To snatch it up though, you have to part with a cool $1.3 million.

Prevost H3-45

When it comes to 360-degree viewing, you can never go wrong with the Prevost H3-45. There’s almost zero difference between what you see while in the RV and while you are roaming about, and if it’s a rainy day, isn’t that a plus?

You can never go wrong with the Prevost H3-45

For this and so much more, write a $1.6 million check, and this recreational vehicle is yours.

Anderson Mobile Estates

At first glance, you’d confuse this for a transport truck. There’s an explanation though. The Anderson Mobile is a combination of five trailer trucks, and it belongs to the Smiths. For $2.5 million, the RV was custom made for Will Smith, and he uses it on set whenever he’s filming a new movie. Fancy one? Go for it.

eleMMent Palazzo Superior – Marchi Mobile

Not many of us will ever get to visit space, but you can enjoy a feeling similar to that with this beauty. It looks like a spaceship, and that it has a wine cabinet and a bar, you bet that it’ll surely take you to a whole other dimension.

It looks like a spaceship

It also comes with a spa, but that’s not the only luxury that’s on board. The bedroom has Italian linens, and if the light is bumming you out, you can hit the tint button to darken everything out. So, how much is it? A whopping $3 million.

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