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Divided Between Work and Personal Life? Strike a Balance With These Lifehacks!

A wholesome life is desired by everyone. We try to consume healthy foods in order to retract that poking tummy, while at the same time have an aching desire to exercise and burn that extra fat on our body.

In addition to fulfilling our physical requirements, we are also looking for a wholesome personal life, whereby we get to spend adequate amount of time with our family and friends. Unfortunately, a lot of that goes out the window the moment we start working in an organization, regardless of its size.

All of a sudden, everything in our life becomes about work, which, in turn, causes stress.

Striking a balance between work and personal life is the key to success

Striking a balance between work and personal life is the key to success

However, the solution to the imbalance which has probably come into your life is simple: either you try to strike a balance by making conscious effort to split your time equally between your professional and personal commitments, or you start practicing Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Explained

This Indian tradition dates back almost 5000 years, and is built around the belief that we are, as human beings, are composed of three distinct yet interconnected and interdependent components: the mind, the body, and the environment.

Each one of these components make up who we are as a person, and whenever an imbalance arises between these components, problems in health and wellbeing naturally occur.

However, by practicing this tradition for only a week, you can be sure to bring about a significant change in your lifestyle. Make sure you follow this schedule.

Discover Your Dosha On Monday

This is basically a set of multiple choice questions which you must answer to find out your personality type according to Ayurveda. Many tools exist online which can help you in completing this step.

A Bath Is Required On Tuesday

Many working people prefer taking a shower because that is the only time-effective way of cleaning the body, but if you want to relax and practice Ayurveda, then you must take out time and fill up that bath tub, putting in your favorite bath salts and lying in it for as long as it takes to clear your mind.

Trust us, this is the best therapeutic exercise you can do at home that will completely rejuvenate both your body and your soul.

Tea Time on Wednesday

A warm beverage helps in regulating body temperature which, in turn, allows you to feel fresher during the rest of the day.

The earlier in the morning you have it, the better your day will progress. Hence, it’s recommended that you allow yourself ample time on Wednesday to have a cup of tea in a calm manner without any rush of office life.

Relax The Mind On Thursday

The end of the week is a tough time for all of us as we try to finish all our tasks in order to free up the weekend. As soon as you feel the stress piling up, take a break and go sit some place quite, all by yourself, and close your eyes.

After having closed your eyes, focus on clearing your mind of all the thoughts, regardless of how important they may be, just to give your mind that break it needs.

Relaxing the mind as soon as it becomes overburdened with work is essential to maintaining its long term health

Eat Like a King on Friday

The weekend has finally approached and you want to be in the best of health and spirit to enjoy it to the fullest. In order to do that, and before you focus on catching up on all the lost sleep, feed yourself a healthy meal which is also extremely delicious.

This will also cheer you up and put you in a positive mood, accelerating the relaxation you require and paving way for a nice weekend.

Go Out on Saturday

Having spent the entire week indoors, it is time to give yourself that necessary outdoor exposure.

Head out to your favorite outdoor space, like a park or an outdoor café, and spend a considerable amount of time inhaling all that fresh air. Do this with family or friends to make this a more fulfilling activity which caters to both your physical and social needs.

It’s All You on Sunday

Finally, Sunday is all about you. Get that facial you were meaning to get, sort out your wardrobe, cook that recipe you’ve been hanging onto for quite some time, do the laundry, or simply relax with a cup of hot cocoa and that book you had been meaning to read since ages. The possibilities are endless. Bottom line: pamper yourself as you deserve it!

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