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A Fight Like No Other: Here’s What Eminem’s Father Allegedly Wanted to Do before He Passed Away


Can you ever think of something more heartbreaking than a fight between a parent and a child? The pain certainly doesn’t compare to that of a rift between two best friends nor a misunderstanding between a husband and a wife.

This type of beef persists and pesters us in ways more imaginable – while we feel we may have moved on from such a harrowing experience, we later figure out that it crawls back and sucks us further into a deep abyss. But what if we ran out of time to make peace or to say what our hearts really want to say?

Left by Dad as a Baby

It’s unclear whether Eminem feels the same way about his late estranged dad, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., who died at 67 after suffering a heart attack at his house in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Ironically, the rapper’s father was never unpopular among the public – that is, after his talented son had always painted an irresponsible image of him through his hits that didn’t mince any word. The artist had repeatedly said that he had no father figure while growing up because his biological father left him and her mom when he was just a baby.

Reconciliation Plans

But before his death, Bruce allegedly tried his best to make peace with his now-famous son before meeting his demise, but to no avail. Pam Innis, a family friend, explained that the wheel-chair bound one of the man’s greatest fears was that he will die without reconciling with his son.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve heard of such stories with the same themes. The estranged father had previously tried to make amends with the 46-year-old when the rapper was catapulted to stardom.

Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. left his son and wife Debbie Nelson


In 2001, Bruce said in an interview that he had been locating Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, and Debbie Nelson, his former wife, but because the mother-son duo kept moving, it became impossible to track them. The father also explained that he wasn’t interested in his kid’s money but that he just wanted to apologize for what he did and to tell him he loves him.

Return to Sender

But Eminem seemed to have a tough heart, probably tested and sharpen by how he grew up. The multiaward-winning Grammy artist further explained that he used to write to his dad but never received anything, so Bruce turning over a new leaf became something that’s hard for him to believe. The man dubbed as the “King of Hip-Hop” further cried foul about the past, saying his dad could have done something.

Eminem has always lambasted his father

Meanwhile, Debbie backed this up when she narrated in an interview how the teen Eminem would write to his dad, but sad to say, these just came back with the “return-to-sender” stamp. His grandma, Betty Kresin, echoed the same sentiment in another interview. Some of his songs that threw scathing words against his father were Cleanin’ Out My Closet and My Name Is.

Eminem had used his songs as an avenue to express his feelings

According to Debbie’s My Son Marshall, My Eminem, she and Bruce got married when she was just 15 and him 22, and just two years, their love bore a fruit – Eminem. But because of the alleged physical maltreatment of the man, things didn’t work out and they eventually split shortly after she gave birth.

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