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Find Out How James Shaw Jr. Became The Hero Of Waffle House Shooting

Just after hours, the Waffle House Shooting incident took place, James Shaw Jr. launched a fundraiser for the victims. Shaw started the campaign at GoFundMe and collected a huge amount of $165,000. In his campaign, Shaw said that he is pleased donate to the families of the victims and ensures that all the money will reach the Waffle House Victims. A restaurant in Antioch, Tennessee said that they will donate all of their earnings of the next month to the victims of this incident.

Shaw’s campaign was supported by a US citizen who gathered almost 5,500 donors as Shaw was able to collect $175,000. This act of Shaw was respected and encouraged by many people and recently Tennessee lawmakers paid a tribute to Shaw for his work. In the state general assembly, Rep. Jason paid tribute to Shaw saying that he’s a true hero of Tennessee.

Entrapping The Killer

According to police, Shaw was sitting in the restaurant with his friends, when a man wearing green jacker opened fire. When the fire opened, Shaw crawled towards the restroom while keeping an eye on the shooter. When the shooting stopped, Shaw attacked the shooter. While giving an interview on Sunday, Shaw said that at that time that he was thinking that If he was going to die, then he (shooter) had to do a work for that. Shaw rushed at the shooter who was carrying the rifle and then they tussled for a minute, as said in the reports.

James Shaw Jr. got his hand injury during a fight between him and the shooter of Waffle House.

When Shaw tossed the rifle behind, the shooter ran away. Shaw got injured in this coming together with the shooter as he got blows on his hand and elbow. After 36 hours of this incident, police was able to arrest the shooter. Later it was revealed that the name of the shooter was Travis Reinking. Travis was then charged with the four counts of murder. He was also charged with the four counts of attempting murder and possessing a gun.

Reinking was accused of having a rifle and murdering four people.

The police were able to arrest the shooter when a female watched him at the construction site. Lydia French, who saw the shooter when she visited a job site with her husband. The job site was located right behind the complex where the shooter had been living. While giving an interview to CNN, French told that they were aware of the manhunt and when they reached the site they thought it would be a normal day. French said that they had planned to visit the site for few hours and then go home.

French added that she got out of the truck to get something when her husband yelled at her, ‘That’s him’. Although they were a bit away from the suspect, they could see his green jacket. The reason why they suspected him was that he was in the middle of the job site and there was nothing but mud. They never saw anyone in that area before. That’s when French dialed 911 to call the police.

French told the police that the guy was wearing a maroon shirt and colored pants. Then the police asked me which way he was heading to, and she told them that he was heading towards the elementary school.

French also said that when she called the police, the guy was about 100 yards away and the police told her that they were on their way to catch him. After 5 minutes, Reinking came out of the woods and when he saw them, he got bamboozled and ran back into the woods. French said that she couldn’t describe her feelings in words when she realized that the guy was the shooter. French also said that it could be possible that the shooter spent the night at the construction site.

While commenting on the possibility of shooter living for the whole night at the site, French said that we had a lot of equipment in the site and she saw one of the pieces of equipment broken down in the middle. He could have been here and nobody could know until we looked into it, said French.

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