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Find Out How Naomi Campbell Stays Germ-Free Whenever She Travels by Plane

From Disinfecting the area to protecting yourself from viruses, Naomi Campbell listed some useful tips for a germ-free travel experience

Traveling 35000 feet above the ground has a lot of risks. In the worst-case scenario, the plane might crash due to technical problems, or it may be caught up inside a thunderstorm. But since we don’t have controls over those misfortunes, we could leave the worries to the pilots.

What we can manage is to make sure that we don’t bring the germs from our flight to our destinations. If you don’t have any idea on how to shield yourself from the airline’s micro-bacteria, the English supermodel Naomi Campbell left some tips on her viral video for you!

Whenever there’s a wide-spread virus, the very first thing the authorities and medical team would check is the airport. People from different countries with different cultures breathe the same air and touch the same spots. That is why Campbell never takes any chances of catching a disease on her air travels.

Naomi Campbell’s Routine

Naomi Campbell shares her sanitary routine whenever she travels by plane in her viral video.

1. Wear a Pair of Gloves and Wipe Everything Within Your Reach

First, she puts on a pair of single-use hand gloves, which is her favorite part of the routine, to avoid touching any uncleaned surfaces while she sanitizes the area with anti-bacterial wipes.

A microbiologist who wrote The Hand Book: Surviving a Germ-Filled World, Miryam Wahrman agrees with Campbell’s method to minimize her exposure to microbes, although she thinks, wearing gloves can be too much.

According to her, our body has a strong immune system that could protect us from a brief exposure to germs. Regularly washing our hands or sanitizing with alcohol should be enough.

2. Use a Seat Cover

After disinfecting her seat, tray table, in-flight television screen, and anything within her reach, Campbell safeguards herself with a pink seat cover. Although she admitted that a seat cover is a little extra, but it’s better than being sorry and sick.

It is also advisable to wash the seat cover or blanket that you used on the plane as soon as possible. And if carrying a cloth cover feels inconvenient, Campbell suggests that you at least use a sanitized pillow or a sweater hood to distance your head from the dirty seat.

3. Put on a Mask

Naomi Campbell wears a facial mask for extra protection

And lastly, Campbell covers her face with a protection mask. She prefers using a cloth face mask, although passengers could opt for the cheaper paper face mask.

In an enclosed vessel with hundreds of other people breathing at the same time, it’s difficult to inhale oxygen at peace. So to filter the air, a face mask is your travel best friend!

In addition to Campbell’s routine, she also always stays hydrated. Above all, I think drinking enough amount of water is the most basic and important thing that we should always do wherever we are.

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