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Flying Multiple Times Across the Seven Continents Over the Span of Six Months Changed Taylor Swift’s Life

Taylor Swift released her Reputation album on November 10, 2017

Taylor Swift made a serious noise when she released her Reputation album on November 10, 2017. Despite numerous controversies, the album topped the charts in thirteen countries including the US and the United Kingdom.

It also became the best-selling album in the United States that year with over 1 million sold copies, and the second best-selling album worldwide selling 4.5 million copies across the globe.

How She Became the Highest-Paid Celebrity?

Her Reputation Stadium Tour that compromised of 53 shows was also victorious grossing $345.7 million. In fact, it became the United States’ highest-grossing tour of all time. Due to its success, Swift closed a deal with Netflix to release a concert special on December 21, 2018.

Reputation Stadium Tour that consisted of 53 concerts grossed $345.7 million

Flying from a country to another for more or less six months must be exhausting, but it was definitely worth it. The singer-songwriter has once again ranked first on Forbes’ list of highest-paid entertainers on Earth. She initially led the ranking in 2016.

Most of her $185 million income came from the stadium tour, although the money she got from Universal’s Republic Record made a huge impact as well. Reputation wasn’t like her old country style, but Swift proved that her fans love her music no matter what.

Some of Taylor Swift’s Friends are on the Top 10 As Well

Ed Sheeran landed at number 5 on the list of highest-paid entertainers with $110 million

Another powerful female, Kylie Jenner ranked second on the list with approximately $170 million in earnings followed by Swift’s fellow music artist, Kanye West, with an estimated income of $150 million. Meanwhile, one of her best pals, Ed Sheeran is at number 5 with $110 million paycheck.

No one in the film business made it to the top 10, but a television personality, Dr. Phil McGraw landed at the 9th spot with $95 million. Athletes snatched four slots on the list starting with Lionel Messi at number 4 with $150 million, Cristiano Ronaldo at number 6 with $109 million, Neymar at number 7 with $105 million, and Canelo Alvarez at number 10 with $94 million.

Taylor Swift’s Next Album

As per Taylor Swift, she will release her seventh studio album, Lover on August 23, 2019. She already gave the fans a sneak peek of what type of music the album has with the three singles Me, You Need to Calm Down, and The Archer.

Taylor Swift began her professional musical journey in 2004, and she never fails to make great music since then. Most of her songs were about the heartbreaks she went through with her past relationships. But just like the Reputation album, Lover will showcase a different kind of twist, and everyone is excited to hear the rest of the album.

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