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The Strange Reason Why Robin Tunney and Nicky Marmet Took 3 Years to Design Their Home

The actress Robin Tunney and partner Nicky Marmet had a long, wonderful journey in putting all the pieces of their mid-century Beverly Hills estate, and it was all worth it.

Designing Robin Tunney’s Beverly Hills Estate

Robin Tunney meticulously designed her Beverly Hills estate with his interior designer partner, Nicky Marmet

Robin Tunney proved that dating an interior designer doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily fill up the home with elegant furniture and art pieces.

In fact, it’s the other way around! Since they were working on a fusion of 1960s urbanity and modern-day suaveness, the couple had to live in their house with fewer furnishings until they find the perfect fit.

House Features

It took them almost three years to finally put all the pieces together. The couple was very meticulous on the stuff they decided to put inside the four-bedroom Beverly Hills estate. Built and designed by its former owner Morris Levine, the house consists of nothing but the best qualities of architecture and fitments.

Levine stayed there until he reached ninety years old, but the foundation of the house remained super intact, as well as some of its original equipment like the kitchen oven.

The property has a spacious driveway and a yard for their son to freely run and play. It has three and a half bathrooms inside, a luscious garden, and a swimming pool. Designed to let the natural light enter the house, the couple kept almost all the original details of its blueprint and played around on styling it.

The couple took three years to fill in the house with their chosen furniture

Modern-Day and Classical Style Fusion

They wanted to keep its original style while adding some contemporary twists. Tunney believes that throwing some twenty-first-century touches stops the house from looking kitschy.

They loved putting a contrasting effect on their furniture, and the B&B Italia L-shaped chaise lounge, where Nicky enjoys watching his favorite games is one of the best examples.

Nicky and Robin added paintings such as the Richard Serra creation that swings in the living room. There is also a lemon-colored Piero Golia ottoman for their pet Rufus. Most of the hardest decisions the couple had to make are on the furnishing.

Robin is more into mischievous designs, while Nicky is very particular in fancy furniture, although, they agree on having lots of green furniture and other stuff because they are both allured in that tone.

Quality Takes Time

After years of canvass, they finally finished styling their home and lived happily with their son and dog

After years of arguments, decision makings, and brainstorming, the couple was very satisfied with the finished product of their long-overdue home project.

As the famous quotation goes, quality takes time, and the time they spent polishing all the details of the house is definitely worth it. Robin believes that designing your home should be a journey itself.

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