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From Private Jets to Royal Events, These Match-Making Stories of the Elites Will Leave You Speechless!

When you ask someone out, you plan everything to impress your date. From the restaurant where you’ll meet, the food that you’ll order, and the activities you’ll do for fun. While some of us might struggle on what movie we should watch on our rendezvous, a few percentages of the population are muddling between renting a jet or a yacht to pick up their date.

Thanks to the filmmakers and authors who created a bunch of fairytale-dating concepts shown in their movies and books, these well-heeled individuals have found their true love. We mean, who could say no to a gentleman who flew you to Paris via private jet just to have a cup of coffee?

Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc.

Janis Spindel came up with the idea of running a match-making business after she helped fourteen people find their perfect match

Janis and Carly Spindel of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. once arranged a romantic weekend getaway via a private jet.

A multi-millionaire paid them to pick up an English lady and flew her all the way to Paris to dine at Ritz. That gesture will surely beat a laid-back Netflix date over some Chinese food take-out.

Janis founded the New York-based matchmaking company in 1993 after she successfully played cupid with fourteen pairs who all ended up tying the knot. Her clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors who are hoping to find their true love and settle down.

Patti Stanger – Millionaires Club

Patti Stanger is a well-known match-maker of the elite society

Meanwhile, Patti Stanger from the matchmaking reality show, Millionaires Club has probably witnessed the most extravagant dates in history. The show helps rich and established bachelors find the love of their lives who happen to be as wealthy and intelligent as they are.

How do you feel about having a double date with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in a charity event? Or island hoping in Fiji for two weeks straight? Or maybe attending the Oscars and the Grammy Awards and socialize with the elites? You name it! Patti Stanger could make your fairy tale dream come true.

A Romantic $817, 410-Date

Most millionaires spend their fortune chartering a private jet to impress their dates

Going to the concert could be fun-filled and romantic. However, dancing with the crowd while trying to get a glimpse of your favorite artist on stage might not be very ideal, especially, if you can afford to hire them to fly with you instead.

Mairead Molloy of Berkeley International chartered a private plane fully-equipped with dating essentials, including a full band serenading the couple aboard, while devouring a five-meal-course dinner and dancing like prince and princess in Miami. All for a stunning price of $817, 410!

The Beatles may have told us that money can’t buy us love, however, it can definitely help us to make a very good impression on the person we’re trying to woo.

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