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You Won’t Believe How Your Choice of Car Could Be Impacting Your Love Life

Does the car you drive have any effect on your love life? High school romance movies have long shown us that the guy who attracts all the girls in school drives an impressive machine, and it would be difficult to argue with this. But could your ride affect other aspects of your relationship?

TrueCar, the automotive information website, carried out a study to this effect, asking participants about their preferences in terms of their potential partner’s ride.

They explored more than just what the other person was driving, but they were mostly interested in the machine itself.

The survey resulted in interesting findings, and here’s how your vehicle can impact your love life.

Positive and Negative Relationship Aspects

According to the study, a black sports car is proof of a financially stable partner while a gold crossover means that the driver isn’t that big on road rage.

Blue crossovers, on the other hand, are indicative of a partner who is least likely to get cheated on. Owning an electric or hybrid car means that you are less likely to cheat.

A black sports car is a sign of financial stability

Those were all positive, right? Well, the opposite of these qualities, as the study found out, were distributed among owners of white sports cars, gold and silver hatchbacks, and green coupes.

Relationship Aspects Dissected

The opposite could be a little bit general, so how about breaking it down? If you own a white sports car, then you exhibit angry behavior while on the road, according to the study. To put it plainly, your road rage is just the worst. Who would want to ride along with you?

As for those with silver or gold-colored hatchbacks, the TrueCar survey labels them the most unfaithful of car owners. You may want to avoid either color if you’re looking to find yourself a partner.

Car Accessories

As the survey would reveal, car accessories and other modifications aren’t that big a determinant factor as to whether you get a partner or not.

77.6% of the study’s participants couldn’t care less whether their partner’s car has an AUX port or not, while 64.8% of them couldn’t be bothered about the sound system working or not.

The presence or absence of an AUX port is not a big deal

In fact, most of the participants gave an indifferent response when asked about any other car accessory imaginable.

Accessories and Gender

While most respondents were indifferent where car accessories were involved, they still had something to say on which particular ones that could strike their interest.

Apparently, both men and women would go for sound systems, bumper stickers, attractive paint jobs, and holiday decorations.

What men wouldn’t care less about that women favor are ride-sharing signs, and the vice versa is also true for spoilers.

Broken Car Features

Broken seat belts? That’s a deal-breaker

If you have an old machine whose vital features aren’t working properly, then you won’t have much luck in the dating pool.

According to the study, 70.8% of respondents revealed that they wouldn’t date anyone whose car had no airbags, or had broken seatbelts.

62.3% of them also said that a missing bumper would be a deal-breaker, as was the case with broken windows (64.1%) and broken taillights (57.7%).

However, small dents or chipped paint wouldn’t leave you single, as over 50% of the respondents said they didn’t mind them.

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