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5 Vehicle Models That Will Rock the Technophobe Car Enthusiasts’ World  

Without a doubt, technology is the current driving force in the automotive industry. Car enthusiasts are looking forward to the inventions 2020 has in store, among them the Polestar 2, a machine that will be the first Android car.

However, there’s this faction of car enthusiasts that are not all that big on new and emerging tech. Appropriately labeled technophobes, we understand that they prefer keeping things simple, although the word is relative.

For tech enthusiasts, inventions make the driving experience simpler. For technophobes, lack of complicated technology is the simpler option in their book. Each to their own, or what would you say?

If you happen to be a technophobe, here are some 2019 models that will rock your world in 2020.

Kia Rio LX

Going for $15,300, this model is expected to hit it big in 2020 as it did in 2019. Its price tag is particularly attractive to its target market and its basic technology acts as the icing on the cake.

This car’s price tag is particularly attractive to its target market

The highest form of tech that this machine has is Bluetooth connectivity and a touch-screen entertainment system. Sounds basic enough, don’t you agree?

If you happen to prefer crank windows to electric ones, you can get yourself the Kia Rio LX 2018 model.

Ford F-150 XL

The Ford F-150 XL is both the least expensive and least complicated model in the F-150 series.

It sells for $28,155 and comes with manually locked doors and windows. The truck’s AC is also manual and single-zone, making it perfect for a technophobe consumer.

However, the car manufacturer included some high-tech additions for safety, among them an automated emergency brake system.

Honda Fit LX

This model is the perfect definition of basic being beautiful. U.S. News ranks the Honda Fit LX as the best subcompact vehicle of 2019, and a car doesn’t win this award without being as impressive as these machines come.

This model is the perfect definition of basic being beautiful

The basic version comes with electric windows and power door locks, in addition to cruise control. The infotainment system boasts a small screen, BT connectivity, and a stereo.

There’s also a USB port designed for charging your smartphone, and who doesn’t own one of these? You may dislike new tech, but you definitely have a phone.

Nissan Frontier S

The Frontier S’s design first came into existence in 2005 and has definitely undergone some improvements since then.

The 2019 version sells for $18,990, an attractive price for a double-cab truck, don’t you agree?

Doors and windows are all manually locked although there’s the power option is available on request.

The infotainment system is definitely simple in this context, boating Bluetooth connectivity, a stereo, and a USB port.

Mazda Miata Sport

The Miata Sport is probably the sports car with the least amount of technology in the world, as U.S. News reports.

So basic it the luxury vehicle that its infotainment system neither supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This seems odd for a sports car, doesn’t it? But it is exactly what some consumers prefer.

Apart from its basic tech, this machine is as sleek as any other sports car

Save for the tech, the Miata Sport is as sleek as any other sports car out there. It is light and fast, eye-catching, and agile.

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