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6 Cars That Ford Enthusiasts Wish the Company Would Bring Back

 The Ford Motor Company has long established itself as a credible car manufacturer, and the fact that its vehicles are some of the most impressive machines on our highways is a true testament to the fact.

To remain relevant in the automotive industry, the company has had to improve its models year after year, and along the way, some powerful vehicles have been left behind.

This, therefore, is a list of Ford cars that have gone extinct, but consumers would love it if the company brought them back.

The Shelby Cobra

The Shelby 427 Cobra may not be a Ford-assembled race car, but it features on this list by virtue of the fact that the car manufacturer was the company funding its creation. Ford also provided some of the car parts used for this model, so the AC Cobra is a genuine entry.

The Cobra was built to serve as a competitor to the Corvette by Chevrolet and went on to exceed all expectations. The 427 version was particularly successful in this regard and remains to this day one of the rarest classic models in the United States.

The 427 Cobra remains a classic in the United States

The Escort RS Cosworth

This model was developed for the race tracks, and that it features here should tell you that race car drivers more than loved it. Selling for almost $100,000, the RS Cosworth was a machine to die for.

Its specs were up in the same company with other racing legends such as the Lancia Stratos and the Audi Quattaro, and who doesn’t know how big these models were in the world of rally racing?

The Mustang Coupe

The Ford Mustang model is still very much alive seeing as we have the convertible and fastback versions. However, the fact that the coupe is missing in action is difficult to ignore.

Ever since they were in development, the car manufacturer always had plans for the Ford Mustang Coupe. However, they phased them out in the 1970s. When Ford re-introduced the Mach 1 in the early 2000s, they also brought back the coupe, but both models were abandoned shortly after.

The Mustang Coupe is an abandoned 1960s model

The Mustang Shelby GT500 KR

If you keep up with Ford news, you must know that the company plans to re-introduce Shelby GT500 models. Why then, you ask, is this car on the list?

The answer is simple – although they intend on bringing back this Shelby, they don’t plan on creating a KR version. And if you didn’t know, KR is short for King of the Road.

The Ford Capri

In the 1970s, the Ford Capri was the go-to machine for men who wanted fast cars but didn’t like showboating on the highway.

The Capri was as fast as the Mustang, and the sports car had a number of circuit wins under its name. Phased out in the States much earlier than expected, the Ford Capri continued to establish its dominance in Australia.

The Ford Capri enjoyed its dominance in Australia before its demise

Unfortunately, it would soon face its demise there too.

The Ford Falcon GT

If you’ve watched the Mad Max franchise, then you already know how powerful a machine the Falcon GT is.

Unfortunately, not many Americans know about it as it was mostly concentrated in Australia. All the same, drivers would love to hear its engine roar again.

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