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These Affordable Sports Cars Offer the Best Resale Value After 5 Years of Use

What’s that thing they say about cars? Is it not that they start depreciating in value the second you buy them? There’s definitely a lot of truth to that statement, especially if you consider the fact that a single ride from the showroom to your home could slash your precious ride’s value by half.

Cars start depreciating the second you buy them

But as Business Insider citing reports, some sports cars depreciate much slower than others. Should the original owners ever sell them, they’d get themselves a willing buyer ready to pay the amount they’d ask for in no time. Of course, it has got to be a reasonable price, considering that it’s a used car.

As reports, cars depreciate at an average of 49.6% within the first five years after purchase. For sports cars, however, this number rests at 48%. Still, there are those that defy this, depreciating at an average of between 37.2 – 47.2%. Who wouldn’t want one of these?

These cars, the site goes on to report, come at a relatively affordable price, with most of them having the recommended retail price of less than $40,000.

Thriving Market

Phong Ly, the iSeeCars CEO, says that since these vehicles are quite affordable compared to other high-end luxury sports cars, they don’t depreciate as much as their counterparts do. Ly goes on to say that since they are still popular cars, they still have a thriving second-hand market.

The Porsche 911 Coupe is your best bet if you’re buying the car with the intention of selling it later. Compared to other sports cars listed by, it depreciates the least with a percentage of 37.2%. The difference is $53,595, and wouldn’t you say that you do get value for money?

Next comes the Nissan GT-R. This good looking sports car would drive any car enthusiast crazy, don’t you agree? And if you’re on a budget, buying it won’t cripple your bank account. Five years down the line you can resell it, and it’ll only have depreciated 39.4% at most.

Isn’t this a good looking sports car?

You can never go wrong with a Subaru, can you? And with the Impreza WRX, you’ve got yourself an engine that commands respect on the highway. You’ve also got a car that doesn’t decrease in value, showing a 40% depreciation after driving it for half a decade. Not bad, right?

The Porsche 991 Ages Well

The Porsche 911 features once more on this list, this time the convertible model. It doesn’t age poorly either, with putting its depreciation five years on at 42%. Being a convertible, be sure that you’ll get a buyer for it within moments of putting the machine up for sale.

The Ford Mustang – did your heart skip a beat just at the mere mention of it? That’s because this is a force to reckon with, in addition to being a sheer work of art. Without delving into specifics, the Mustang has a depreciation average of 44.4%. Should you ever get tired of it, getting it off your hand will be a piece of cake.

The Ford Mustang is a force to reckon with

The Dodge Challenger is in the same class as the Ford Mustang. Either machine commands respect wherever you are, and it seems that they both age the same way. Five years on the road and the Challenger shows a decrease in value of just 44.4%.

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