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Check Out Ashton’s Amazing Garage Collection

Ashton Kutcher is definitely one of the flashiest Hollywood stars you are going to see around today, with fleets of cars across different generations in his already occupied garage.

But it can also be said that he worked himself to the top of the ladder, as only a few of us can remember when he started off as playing the role of Steve Jobs in the earlier ’70s. That began is a success story as an actor.

Credit to Ashton anyway, as the man is definitely good at putting himself out there and marketing himself. Aside from being an actor, Ashton has also invested in a lot of tech enterprises, and its love for technology is quite obvious. Maybe this is where his love for cars stems out from.

So what are some of the top cars that you will find in the man’s garage? Here we take a look at them.

Ferrari California

Who wouldn’t love a Ferrari California? If there is anyone, it definitely isn’t Ashton. He drives the car around mostly when he is in a fun mood.

The car, however, is more or less good than just a sports car driven around for clout. There is a backseat for passengers, and this means that Ashton can take a few friends and families along for his fun ride.

Ashton makes use of the Ferrari California for fun purposes, and he is mostly seen cruising on the ride all over the street of Hollywood.


The Telsa is a car that you will surely find in about 90% of Hollywood star’s garage, and Ashton is no exception to this figure. You can imagine that being a love of beauty and tech.

This car will be a top choice in his garage because it is a balance between both, with it’s interior and exterior designs. The production of Telsa with specific cars like the Frisker Karma owned by Ashton is also one that can compete with any modern day luxurious car.

Lexus Hybrid

If you are familiar with the features of a Lexus hybrid, then you wouldn’t be surprised that it is one of the top celebrities pick for a car. With the presence of the huge backseat in the car, you will surely feel like you are riding is a limousine.

The car also has one of the most powerful types of engines you can see out there today, with its engine able to contents with that of a giant sedan car. Ashton frequents the street of Hollywood in the car most of the time

The Lexus Hybrid has great features, and one of them is its powerful engine which can rival that of any car out there.

Chevrolet Suburban

It was tough coming up with the this as the last because of the other powerful cars in Ashton garage. This car is Ashton’s choice when he wants to move around with his family, either to the cinemas or to other outings.

The car is a solid one, a balance between both style and substance through its rigidity and its slickness obvious with the silver screen. This is a very natural car, away from all of those meant for fashion purposes.

The Chevrolet Suburban is mostly used when Ashton wants to move out with his family at once.

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