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Find Out Who Among The Hollywood Stars Caused Huge Disappointment to Bugatti Automobiles

One of the social status determiners in Hollywood is the ride you choose to move around with. The brand of cars the celebrities choose to drive indicates how rich and famous they are. A Luxury car is like a four-wheel piece of jewelry that screams status.

Bugatti is undeniably one of the red-carpet-worthy brands of luxury cars. Veyron has always been the Hollywood superstars and billionaires’ apple of the eye.

Bugatti Automobiles started the production of Veyron in 2005. Named after the racer, Pierre Veyron, the very first model of Veyron can reach the maximum speed of 253 mph. The car model has won several awards and recognition such as Car of the Decade and Best Car Driven All Year award by Top Gear.

Ralph Lauren owns the world’s most-expensive car which is the 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe

Bugatti’s VIPs

There’s no wonder why aristocrats like, Ralph Lauren, Sylvester Stallone, Keith Urban, Tom Brady, and Katie Price proudly associated their selves with the brand. Not only the cars of Bugatti are elegant, but also the performance of the vehicles is exceptional.

Bugatti’s Hall of Shame

But, there are also a few influential people that are known to have strongly disappointed the Bugatti creators who wish not to have linked their cars with them for a million years.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise acquired his Bugatti Veyron for an estimated amount of $1.7 million

One of the best examples is Tom Cruise. We all know how big of a star Tom Cruise is, so you may be wondering why Bugatti doesn’t want to be associated with the actor anymore.

Well, the thing is, Bugatti and Cruise used to have a great relationship. In fact, the Hollywood star drove his Veyron on the red carpet initial screening for Mission: Impossible III. What dismayed Bugatti is when Tom Cruise couldn’t open his door, causing a bad red carpet reputation for the brand.

Flo Rida

Another celebrity who brought bad publicity to Bugatti is Flo Rida. In 2011, the rapper got arrested driving his Veyron while intoxicated with alcohol. As much as it wasn’t Bugatti’s fault, Flo Rida still carried Bugatti’s name in the not-so-pretty news headlines.

Simon Cowell, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Jenson Button

Simon Cowell sold his Bugatti Veyron, which he rarely drove for $1,375 million

Bugatti is one clingy automotive brand. The brand loves to see celebrities hitting the road with their cars but gets seriously offended when celebs sell their Bugatti’s. It’s like a terrible break up for them.

Simon Cowell, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Jenson Button got erased from Bugatti’s VIP list when they decided to sell their car. And what’s more offensive is that most of the vehicles only had less than 1500 miles on them. That’s a huge slap on Bugatti’s face. It’s like saying; they aren’t pleased with the car’s performance.

Well, just like with any other relationship, I guess long-term commitment is essential for a happy and substantial partnership.

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