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Find Out How Much These Vehicles Pre-Owned by Celebrities Sell. The Price-Tag Might Leave You Speechless

As everybody knows, being a celebrity has a lot of perks, including a marketing boost. Obviously, the stars don’t need anybody’s help to market their properties as tying their names to it, automatically adds value to anything they have to sell.

Being a public figure surely has glory in it. There are cases that even their trash sells in auctions. For commoners like us, we may need to settle for a lower price when we dispose our pre-loved items. It is quite the opposite for the Hollywood stars though.

The Welsh football coach and former player Ryan Giggs sold his Bently Continental GT Mulliner for €36,400

Ryan Giggs’ Bently Continental GT Mulliner

For example, Ryan Giggs’ Bently Continental GT Mulliner value was raised four percent when he decided to put it up for sale. The football coach listed the car for €36,400 in the market, gaining €1,450 more than its similar model’s worth.

Wayne Rooney’s BMW i8

When footballer Wayne Rooney received an order from the police not to drive for two years, he decided to sell his BMW i8. He put it on the Auto Trader market for €64, 995.

There are similar cars online with the selling price of approximately €60, 000, but Rooney’s has a celebrity badge on it, which makes it more expensive.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bently Continental GT Speed

Cristiano Ronaldo plays as a forward for Juventus and serves as a captain for the Portugal national team

Another Bently Continental GT in the market has been from Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese football player sold his vehicle for €51, 188 at the NEC Classic Motor Show in November 2016. Without Ronaldo’s name linked on it, you would be able to score a similar model for just €36, 000.

Jay Kay’s Lamborghini Diablo

Once the car appeared in music videos like Jay Kay’s Lamborghini Diablo, it is safe to say that it can be sold for almost double the price.

Jay Kay’s SE30 Lambo is a limited limited-run special edition for Lamborghini’s 30th anniversary. Although, the other 149 models of a similar kind may be way cheaper than €499, 995.

The Queen’s Bently Mulsanne

Queen Elizabeth listed her Bently Mulsanne for €200, 000

We think we can all agree that having the Queen’s name linked to the Bently Mulsanne will add value to the vehicle.

Well, Her Majesty listed the car for sale at €200, 000 but no one purchased it, and then auctioned it at the Goodwood Revival in September 2017. The vintage royal car was 122% more expensive than the similar models, without the Queen’s association.

Prince William’s Range Rover SE Vogue

Another vehicle that has a royal badge is Prince William’s Range Rover SE Vogue. Unlike the Queen’s it sold for €80,000 in a charity auction. It was nearly twice its average selling price of €46, 000, but it’s still a good deal, considering a royalty previously owned it.

It is really fascinating what fame can do. Aside from the fact that famous people are earning big bucks, they also have the privilege to put higher price tags on the things they own.

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