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Good or Bad Publicity? An Exotic Car Rental Company Got Involved in Justin Bieber’s Arrest

Any business person who wants his business to get enough publicity will surely respond to Justin Bieber’s call at any time of the day. Well, John Temerian, who runs a luxury car rental company, surely had major exposure when Bieber got arrested riding one of his Lamborghinis.

Never Say Never to Justin Bieber

In 2014 Justin Bieber rented two luxury sport cars, and soon, ended up getting arrested

The incident happened on a fine evening of 2014 when John Temerian received a call past midnight that the Canadian singer needed to rent a Lamborghini LP 550-2 Gallardo Spyder and also a Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M.

With Bieber’s influence on the public, and a promise to advertise Temerian’s business on his Instagram account, the young singer-songwriter closed the deal assuring that he’s not going to be the one behind the wheels since he was yet to have a license.

Everything went perfectly smooth. LouLaVie received a lot of public attention when Bieber tagged the company’s Instagram official account on his post, while Bieber and his crew were happily driving around the streets of Miami until Temerian got another phone call.

This time, the call wasn’t about another big time rental deal, but instead, it was to inform him that his celebrity client got arrested and the police officers are taking his vehicles to the impound yard.

Bad Publicity is Still Publicity

The exotic car rental company LouLaVie owns around fifteen expensive vehicles including the Lamborghini Justin Bieber was riding in the night of his arrest

Temerian went through a lot of troubles to retrieve his luxurious four wheels, but his company definitely benefited with all the buzz Bieber’s arrest created.

A lot of reporters approahced the owner for an exclusive interview, and people were crazy about visiting LouLaVie’s showroom. It might have not been the publicity Temerian was expecting, but it was unforgettable and epic, nevertheless.

Justin bieber’s Music Career

Justin Bieber signed his first recording deal when he was just thirteen years old

Bieber had his career breakthrough when Usher decided to sign him and assigned Ryan Good to be his road manager and stylist.

He became a teenage heartthrob at the beginning of his music venture until his persona evolved even further as time went by. Scooter Braun discovered Bieber’s talent after his cover songs on YouTube started to go viral with millions of people going crazy about his voice and style. Bieber signed a contract with RBMG Records in 2008 and released his first EP called My World in 2009.

Fans loved Bieber’s charm certifying his EP as Platinum, and landing seven of his songs to the US Billboard Hot 100. Bieber then released his first studio album entitled My World 2.0 a year after with the single Baby. The song took the world by a storm selling twelve million records and hitting the number five spot on the Billboard chart on its debut.

Beiber soon became one of the best-selling musicians across the globe and earned numerous of accolades including a Diamond Jubilee medal from Canada’s Prime Minister in 2012. He also won a Grammy Award out of ten nominations.

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