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Hertz is Selling Its Cars Below Market Value- But Are They Worth It?

The rental car giant, Hertz Car Rental, is selling out its fleet after the company filed for bankruptcy last month. More than 1,700 cars have been listed for sale at no-haggle prices. The company had been operational since 1918, surviving all major economic crises since then. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic gave the company the final blow until its eventual shutdown.

Unsplash | Hertz has been selling their cars for less than their market prices

What Is Hertz Car Sales?

After the pandemic caused the company to shut down, it created a separate unit by the name of Hertz Car Sales. This unit sells off used cars that were once part of Hertz’s rental fleet. These cars are available for purchase to customers like you and me!

Who Owns Hertz?

Hertz Car Rental falls under the registered trademark of The Hertz Corporation. This is officially under the corporate umbrella of the publicly-traded company, Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

How Do These Car Sales Work?

Don’t worry- the Hertz team has ensured an easy and smooth transmission of ownership. Essentially, if it still isn’t clear enough, you’ll be purchasing a car that once belonged to Hertz’s rental fleet.

The company has also set up a website where you can view the cars they have in stock, as well as other vital elements, including their location, mileage, exact price, and other necessary details.

Unsplash | You can buy your dream car from the comfort of your living room

Once you’ve settled on a car, you can even buy it while sitting at home! However, for a more traditional buying experience, you can also locate the dealership where the car is stationed and take it for a test drive. Nothing beats those extra perks of the traditional way!

How To Test Out The Car?

The company has created two ways to test drive the car. The first is fairly simple and includes you taking out the vehicle for a two-hour spin. The second option is rent2buy. This includes you booking the vehicle at a special rate for a 3-day long “test rental.”

The added benefit is that, if you end up buying the car after your three days are over, Hertz waives the test rental charges. This is where the buying from your home option seems like a blessing from heaven!

Unsplash | Hertz has two very convenient testing options

One slight issue, however, is that the Rent2buy option does not apply to all the vehicles, but it does apply to most of them.

What Other Perks Will You Get?

Hertz has a buyback guarantee, as well. Under this guarantee, you are liable to return the car within seven days of purchase, or once it reaches 250 miles.

If you wish to exchange it for a more expensive car, you are allowed to pay the difference. If not, you are eligible to get a refund, as long as you have not caused any damage to it.

Moreover, while returning the car, you will have to pay $200 for its cleaning and recertification, as well as the cost of damages done, if any.

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