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The Most Expensive Sports Cars Hiding in Gordon Ramsay’s Garage

To say that Gordon Ramsay is a perfectionist would be a huge understatement. Have you watched Hell’s Kitchen? The hot-tempered celebrity chef loses it when contestants make a mess of meals, and if there’s one thing that you don’t want, it has got to be being on the receiving end of Gordon’s wrath.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 52-year-old is worth $220 million. The man’s got bank, allowing him to relish one of his other passions aside from cooking. Gordon Ramsay is a fanatic when it comes to cars, and he’s particularly interested in Ferraris. We did agree that he’s a perfectionist, didn’t we?

He has a collection of them, and since he can afford luxury sports cars, why not? Here are some of the best machines in the celebrity chef’s enviable collection.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Although not one of the prettiest cars to ever been manufactured by the Italian company, it stands out by being a four-seater. It’s perfect for Ramsay as he is a family man, so he can ferry more than just his wife Cayetana Hutcheson on this one.

If you’re pretty new on the Ferrari bandwagon, then you might be hearing of the Scaglietti model for the first time. All you need to know about it though is that it was enough to attract the attention of Gordon, and that’s no small feat.

Ferrari California T

With its turbochargers, this Ferrari is the dream car of any sports car enthusiast. You don’t believe it? Wait till you hear that Gordon wasn’t happy with just buying one, going for two instead.

One wasn’t enough, so Gordon bought two

The California model dates back to the 1950s, with this California T version being the revised model. It includes forced induction; no wonder Gordon is so very in love with it.

Ferrari LaFerrari

This sports car is known even to non-Ferrari fans, cementing just how huge of a deal it is. The Italian manufacturer released it amid a supercar battle with Porsche and McLaren, and that Gordon bought it means that they didn’t disappoint.

The LaFerrari didn’t disappoint

The LaFerrari has a life of its own, and many enthusiasts think of it as the car that embodies the history of the Ferrari brand.

LaFerrari Aperta

This is an improved version of the previous LaFerrari, bringing with it the convertible feature. Naturally, Gordon would be interested in this one too, having loved the earlier version. As soon as the vehicle was announced, the chef was quick to add it to his ever-growing collection.

There isn’t much difference between the two, and some would argue that Gordon wasted his money buying it. But he is Gordon Ramsay, and he gets whatever he wants.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Without being keen, you’d mistake this beautiful machine for the F12. They are almost similar, but this particular one is redesigned to be sleeker, and comes packed with extra 100 hp. Why then, would Gordon buy the F12 while there’s a new and improved version? You’d go for the 812 Superfast too if you could afford it.

Ferrari Monza SP2

For all the Ferraris in Gordon’s collection, none beats the Monza SP2. This is his most recent addition, and he did well to snatch it up as it is a limited edition. It’s an open-top machine built for speed, and it has looks to die for.

Gordon’s new addition is built for speed

The company announced that it would be making only 500 cars in the SP Monza series, prompting car enthusiasts to take out their checkbooks real quick. Gordon was definitely one of them.

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