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Innovative or Dangerous? This $1.69 Million Roadster Has No Windows, Roof, or Windshield

When it comes to your preferred sports car brand, where would you rank McLaren? If you don’t rate them that high, you may want to check out their latest release, a roadster by the name McLaren Elva.

For $1.68 million, you have yourself this supercar, but it isn’t your average sports car. It has no roof, no windows, and the windscreen is also missing in action. So, won’t the air bug you while cruising in this machine?

The McLaren Elva isn’t your average sports car

McLaren Automotive certainly thought of this when manufacturing the model, equipping it with tech that changes airflow around the car’s driver and their passenger, dubbed the AAMS, or the “Active Air Management System.”

The Best Release Yet

Speaking at the launch of the company’s latest model, CEO Flewitt said that the Elva connects the car and its driver to the immediate environment around them. Part of McLaren’s Ultimate Series, the Elva could just be the best machine the automotive company has released yet.

That’s really saying something, considering that the other cars in this series include the Speedtail, Senna, and the Senna GTR.

The Elva is in the same series as the Senna GTR

The open-cockpit model is actually a first for the company, being the car pioneering this design for McLaren. And while they are marketing it as a supercar with no roof, windows, or windshield, a buyer can request for their specific car to come with a fixed windshield.

And if the Elva has already endeared itself to you and you can afford it, you better act fast. The company says that they’ll only make 399 cars in this model, and you know just how fast moneyed individuals snatch such sports cars.

Via a statement, the company’s vehicle line director revealed that the Elva is the lightest car that McLaren Automotive has ever manufactured. Andy Palmer went on to explain that the car’s seats, body, and chassis are all made of carbon fiber, custom made to the buyer’s specifications.

A Nod to Bruce

This latest release happens to be a nod to the company’s founder, Mr. Bruce McLaren. Back in the 60s, the man designed the M1A racer with a strong V8 engine and an eye-catching body frame.

Built for Formula One racing, the car intrigued the masses so much that Elva Cars partnered with McLaren to build three road versions of the model – the M1A, B, and C McLaren Elvas.

The MA1 racer designed by Bruce McLaren

According to the company, this new Elva has a design they describe as “blurred boundaries” since there’s really no distinction between the supercar’s interior and its exterior. All parts of the car combine seamlessly, leaving it looking distinctive and flawless.

You may want to know how safe it is driving around in a windowless car, and the company assures its customers that you won’t require helmets to enjoy a ride in the Elva. They say that the car’s upper cabin will have you surrounded, and coupled with the AAMS, you’ll feel as though you’re in a normal car.

The AAMS activates as soon as the car is powered on, and regulates itself depending on how fast you are driving. The tech channels air above the occupants’ heads, so they won’t need to cover them. After all, it’s all about enjoying your surroundings while driving, is it not?

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