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Why This Mom Called The Police On A College Tour

On Friday, during a college tour, the police caught two native American brothers after a mother of another prospective child reported them. Lloyd Skanahwati Gray 17 and Thomas Kanewakeron Gray 19 were pulled out of the group and then questioned by the police. The mom who reported the brothers said that the behavior of Gray brothers was odd and they were wearing black. And all these things led her to call 911. According to School Administration, they made the mother nervous and that’s why she called the police.

On left Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, and on right Lloyd Skanahwati Gray

This incident was another example of racism in the United States. A few weeks back, two African American were arrested by the Police after they were caught sitting in Starbucks. Later, the CEO of Starbucks apologized publically about the incident and said that the police should not arrest people without any solid evidence. The school officials further said that by every angel this incident look sad and the two were only checking if the outfit would suit them or not.

Late Arrival of Gray Brothers:

While giving an interview to CNN, the mother of the two said that they save their money and took their family’s car to drive to the campus. It was their dream to go to Colorado State University School and she allowed them to visit the place, said Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, mother of Gray brothers. It took them seven hours to reach the campus and by the time they reached, the tour had already started.

According to the school officials, a mother of a possible child called the police when she saw two young men joining the tour when it was already started. Police officers responded to the call and pulled them out of the group for investigation. But as soon as the police knew that the Gray brothers were part of the tour, officers let them rejoin the tour. The mother told that she was heartbroken on this incident as her kids were walking on the ground of their ancestors.

Footage Released By The School:

After a couple of days, the school administration released the recording of the audio call between the nervous mother and the police. The body cam footage of Gray brothers investigation was also revealed.

The nervous mother who has yet not been identified was caught saying that the two young men joined them on the tour who definitely are not the part of this tour. She further said the clothing of the two was very odd as weird symbols were printed on their shirts. And one of those two has his hands in the pocket, said the unknown mother. When the police asked about their race, the mother said they were Hispanic. One of them is from Mexico, she told the police.

The mother further told that she had never called the police before and was feeling ridiculous. Later the mother said that she feels sorry if it was nothing but she really felt weird in that situation.

The body cam footage of the police investigation.

In the footage, the police officers approached the Gray brothers. Then one of the officers asked them whether they were part of the group as they joined them late. The officers also asked them why they did not answer when people questioned them in the group, Thomas said his brother Lloyd is shy. And after that, they showed police officers the mail they received from the school administration after registering for the tour. After checking the mail, the boys were allowed to rejoin the group.

School’s Response On The Incident:

The president of the Colorado State University Tony Frank said they were trying to reach out to the Gray brothers and were unsuccessful till now. He also said that the University would reimburse the tour expense to the Gray brothers. Everyone is welcomed at the University and if anyone had a problem with the outfit of other kids, then he should find another place for himself, said Frank.

While commenting on whether it was a racist incident, Frank said that he himself is a white man and all of us are battling with hate in our communities. He further said that the University had no place for those who hate and they will not remain silent against hate.


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