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Pakistan’s Prime Minister is Auctioning Cars on 17th September

In an unprecedented move in Pakistan, the newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan, as part of his commitment to austerity in the country, is going to auction off most of the vehicles owned by the PM house on 17th September 2018.

The Prime Minister had earlier stated that he would be making such a move, although a date had not been initially decided.

The cars, which total to a number of 102, include many bulletproof cars which have been previously used by past government officials for their everyday commute to and from the PM House.

The cars are in congruent with the image of Pakistan as a poverty-stricken country where a large portion of the people live on less than $2 a day, as they include some of the most expensive BMW and Mercedes car models.

The entire portfolio of cars also includes three SUV models which are 5000cc, and two which are 3000cc.

A Liking for the Mercedes

It is clearly evident by the numbers that the Prime Ministers of the past have had a liking for the Mercedes car brand. Among the cars being auctioned, 28 are the 2016 Mercedes Benz model, a luxury car which is out of reach for even the rich Pakistanis to afford.

A line of Mercedes Benz graces the porch of the Prime Minister House

Other Cars

But its not just the BMWs and the Mercs which are getting cut from the overall collection of cars.

Many other car manufacturers will also be losing the right to gloat about their vehicles being a part of the PM house’s itinerary. 40 cars from the Toyota brand will also receive the axe come September 17th, including a 2004 Lexus, a 2006 SUV of the same, and two Land Cruisers with a manufacturing date of 2004.

The rest of the car portfolio is not as impressive as the one already mentioned. Suzuki, which is known among Pakistanis as the most affordable car manufacturer in the country, and also the preferred car brand of choice by the middle-class, is also being sold.

Apart from the 8 Suzuki cars, five vehicles from Mitsubishi, nine from Honda, and two of the Jeep will also be part of the auction.

Other cars in the portfolio are not as posh, probably used by lower management

Can You Get Them For Really Cheap?

According to the notification made by the government, the cars won’t sell if they do not garner a suitable bid. Hence, you cannot get your hands on any of these cars for much cheaper than they are actually worth.

Remember, a reason why this auction is taking place at all is the fact that the Prime Minister wishes to raise finances for the debt-stricken and financially curtailed country, and so the move is only beneficial if it commands a handsome return as well.

It is hoped that the cars may be able to command some premium considering they have been at the service of the PM house, although it is yet to be seen whether that fact would transpire in reality.

Changing Of Statement

When the initial statement was made by the Prime Minister that he would not be using the cars, it was revealed after a while that the cars would instead be given for use by the Cabinet Division of government, especially when foreign guests would have to be transported within the country.

Of course, bulletproof cars would’ve offered the necessary security to important foreigners, but now the government will have to come up with separate arrangements to cater to this need.

Other Changes

Prime Minister Imran Khan had made it abundantly clear that cost-cutting of government expenditure is one of his agendas, and selling cars is definitely one way to do it. Other than that, he has decided to not reside in the PM House at all, as the costs of running the PM House, according to him, were too exorbitant and unnecessary.

The PM House, according to reports, employed more than 500 employees who were only responsible for the maintenance of the house. The PM has vouched to reduce this number down to a handful, and also decided to reside in a small and separate accommodation to exemplify his commitment to austerity.

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