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The Phantom Rolls Royce Isolation Chamber That Has Got Everyone Talking

And that is because you can barely hear a thing from the outside!

There is no doubt that Rolls-Royce makes phenomenally gorgeous cars. But this time they have achieved the previously unimaginable.

In an effort to improve the design of their Phantom cars, to make them more efficient, engineers working at the company replaced an increasing amount of steel with aluminium, which is much lighter.

Since the cars now weighed less, there was more room to install some additional components in them without compromising on efficiency.

And so they obviously invested in making the inside chamber more soundproof, only stopping when there emerged a threat that the person in the driving seat could no longer hear any emergency sirens.

There is no doubt that Rolls-Royce makes phenomenally gorgeous cars.

The Phantom Car

Rolls-Royce has stated that the new model of the Phantom car, which would be the 2018 variant, is equipped with noise-reducing insulation material weighing around 300 pounds.

The bulkhead of the vehicle has multiple foam sheets to prevent road noise from getting inside the rolling mansion. As for the windows, which are very prone to letting sound inside the chamber, glass with a thickness of around 0.2 inches has been installed. To reduce the tires from making too much noise, a foamy layer is installed in them as well.

Absolute Silence

Unfortunately, they had to stop dampening the noise when it came to letting the sound of emergency siren reach the driver.

But then they were hit with a sudden realization: only the driver needed to hear the siren to take appropriate action, not the passengers sitting in the back seat.

Combined with the fact that many Rolls-Royce owners have chauffeurs and sit in the backseat, and that only the driver needed to hear the sound, the innovative engineers at the company came up with a solution: isolating the backseat into a noiseless Privacy Suite.

Complete Privacy

At the push of a button, the front seats and the rear seats are separated by an electrochromic glass panel and a wall, giving the option to the backseat passenger to either see the road ahead or to frost the glass and block the backseat from the driver’s view, ensuring complete privacy.

Not only that, but the driver, if he or she wishes to speak to the boss in the backseat, a request needs to be put in through an intercom, as voices cannot travel between the front and back chambers thanks to sounds isolating technology within the car. But for the boss, such a permission is not required, and he or she can communicate with the driver at will through the intercom.

Passing Items Is Easy

If items need to be passes across the two sub-chambers, there is still no need to recline the wall.

Through a small opening installed within the separation wall, any objects which may need to be passed can be exchanged without causing much disturbance to the overall ambience. The rear chamber also has curtains installed at the back of the car, allowing absolute privacy whenever need arises.

If items need to be passes across the two sub-chambers, there is still no need to recline the wall

What’s The Price?

By now, if you are a car enthusiast like us and demand to know about the best cars in the market as soon as possible, you probably cannot wait to know about the price of this beauty. Unfortunately for all of us, the company has not revealed that much.

However, considering the fact that this gorgeous piece of machinery has not even made it to the US markets as of now, it is natural for pricing details to not have reached the surface.

US Law And The Phantom

But the reason why it has not made it to the US market may shock you somewhat, as this car may not be coming to the market for a very long time. The reason why it has been blocked is because it lacks side-impact airbags, which, as you may know, is a requirement under US law.

Although the soundproof capabilities of the car make it truly one of a kind, but safety comes first and if Rolls-Royce wishes to tap the US market with this car, it needs to do something about that airbag. Perhaps we will see a modified version which complies with US law. We just hope it retains all these amazing features.

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