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Sony’s Going Big in the Electronic Vehicle Space and They Have This Car to Prove It

The Consumer Electronics Show, better known as the CES, is an annual event courtesy of the Consumer Technology Association.

The history of the trade show dates back to 1967, the event being a spinoff from the already existing Chicago Music Show.

And if its name isn’t telling enough, the CES is held to present new tech and products in the electronics industry.

If you happen to be good with numbers, you must have already figured out that the 2020 show will be the 53rd time that the CTA will be holding the event.

Surprise, Surprise…

Slated for January 7th through to January 10th, this year’s trade show has already brought with it a product that no one saw coming.

Who would have thought that Sony would be interested in electric vehicles? Dubbed the Vision-S, everyone is already hailing it as the best surprise the 2020 CES has to offer.

The Vision-S – the best surprise the 2020 CES has to offer

Hold your horses though – this machine is not available for purchase, nor will it be in the near future.

As its production company says, the Vision-S is just but a concept of the ideas Sony thinks should be incorporated in the automotive industry.

You could also argue that the machine is a prototype, seeing as the car is 100% functional. If they so wished, they could use it as a template for mass production and make some good money selling these electric vehicles. If Tesla is doing it, why can’t Sony?

For the time being though, the multinational Japanese conglomerate isn’t going down that path. So, for now, let’s not focus so much on commercializing the Vision-S, no?

Instead, we should check out its specs to figure out exactly what ideas Sony has when it comes to the automotive world.

Seeing as the vehicle’s manufacturer is big on entertainment products, it would only be natural for the Vision-S to have the ultimate entertainment system with a seamless user interface to boot. In this regard, best believe that it doesn’t disappoint one bit.

Regular Dashboard? Not a Chance

Instead of the regular old dashboard, the Sony machine comes with displays that stretch from the driver’s side to the passenger’s side.

Interestingly, both drivers and passengers have access to the vehicle’s media control, and the car comes with Sony-owned music, movies, and games. Talk of heaven on earth!

Spot the edge to edge dashboard display

Displays from the dashboard’s center towards the passenger side are all touchscreens, a move that further simplifying consumer interaction. As you would expect, the screens’ response time is excellent, with The Verge going as far as describing it as “fluid animation.”

Should you be thinking that this luxury is a recluse of the front-seat passenger and the driver alone, think again – those at the back have not been left behind. They all have their independent touchscreens coupled with efficient high-end sound systems, and Sony reveals that the independent screens allow each passenger to watch something different from what interests their counterpart.

Those at the back have independent screens

When it comes to speed, the Vision-S could give existing electric vehicles a run for their money. The car has an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds – isn’t that impressive for a prototype? Its maximum speed is 149mph, although the company declined to give a mile range when on a full charge.

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