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South Korea Proposes $35 Billion Railway To Connect With The North

Before April ended, the leaders of both the North and South Korea have made a promise, that was secured by the most-awaited handshake, there will no longer be denuclearization as well as hostility towards one another. Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea and Moon Jae-in, president of South Korea, took each other’s hand and smiled to the public as they confirm the peace between the two nations.

They issued a joint statement confirming the peace talks. US president Donald Trump, of course, had to post a tweet in order to show his happiness towards the news. On his tweet, Trump said that the people of Korea must be very pleased and proud with the end of the Korean War that lasted for decades.

In celebration of this remarkable and historical event, South Korea proposes to build a high-speed railway that would actually let the world have access to North Korea, then again everything might actually fall apart if North Korea chooses not to do pursue the upcoming meeting with US president Donald Trump in June, continue reading to find out more.

North to South With A $35 Billion Railway

After a historic deal that happened in April, North and South Korea are finally working on building a better relationship and not only that, North Korea is also talking about opening their country to the world. The idea to build huge railway system that would connect South Korea to North Korea is actually President Moon’s idea and he even gave a thumb drive to Kim during the summit and it actually contains the blueprint and every information regarding the proposed railway plan.

The blueprint is said to be a design of a massive train line that would be from Seoul up to Pyongyang, and from there, it will move around Kaesong and Shinuihuin, which are both in North Korea. This railway plan is reportedly around $35 billion, this is to enhance the railway services since the current ones that are in North Korea often gets broken and could only run about 30 miles per hour so this new railway plan could definitely modernize the system.

This plan is said to be more than just another railway project because it is something that would be included in the history books. Experts said that this is more of a geopolitical move since once this is done, it would proved that North Korea is willing to make peace with not just South Korea, but to the other nations as well. Although the blueprint and all the necessary information regarding the project have already been provided, it is still uncertain as to when this railway plan will begin.

There is still no formal statement from either North and South Korea about it. Experts speculate that both Korean peninsulas are not really focusing on this railway project at that moment but to the upcoming summit that would involve United States President Donald Trump, however, it is said to be in jeopardy.

North Korea Threatens To Snub US Summit

Kim Jong-un is too far from being happy and the summit that will take place in June with US president Trump may actually not happen. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has canceled its meeting with South Korea last Wednesday, according to sources, the reason is that North Korea didn’t like the fact that South Korea has been doing military exercises with the US military.

It was last March when Trump announced that he had accepted to have a meeting with the North Korean leader, which was a shock for everyone and it will be held on June 12 in Singapore. Trump then tweeted that he is looking forward to the meeting since it would be considered as a momentous occasion for world peace.

However, North Korea threatened the United States that they would snub the summit if Trump administration wouldn’t stop on demanding them to give up their nuclear weapons. The White House was expected to confirm or deny the cancellation of the summit but they only said that they will continue to prepare the president for the meeting, and this is because they have not received any formal notification from the North Korean leader that the summit is canceled. South Korea has decided not to meddle and therefore will not make a comment.

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