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Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is Developing a New Ride-Hailing Network that Will Blow Your Mind


Elon Musk must be one of the most visionary entrepreneurs in today’s time. His business ventures include deploying satellites to the outer space, implanting devices to the human brains to cure nerve damages, and self-driving vehicles.

Introducing Tesla Network

In 2003, a couple of engineers founded the automotive and energy company Tesla, Inc. with Elon Musk sitting as the chief executive officer and product architect.

The company focuses on manufacturing futuristic machines such as electric vehicles, in line with that, Tesla plans to set off its own carpooling network; Tesla Network.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer and Product Architect Elon Musk plans to compete with Uber and Lyft by developing its own ride-hailing network called Tesla Network

Tesla hopes to operate its ride-hailing services before the year ends, and compete against the world’s leading ride-hailing networks Uber and Lyft.

Adding a little twist of Airbnb’s business design into its system, Tesla’s network will allow car owners to charter their vehicles to customers and discharge them at their convenience.

The Future with Robotaxis

In addition to that, Tesla will also offer its very own robotaxis that is set to launch in 2020. Musk has been very passionate about the production of self-driving cars since 2016.

With the Research and Markets 2017 prediction that the ride-hailing business will continue to grow in 2025, it fired up Musk’s idea of incorporating his company’s robotaxis into the ride-sharing network.

Uber and Lyft vs Tesla Network

The Future of Tesla includes a self-driving carpool system, according to Elon Musk

Uber is already a widely popular and established transportation network company, and it substantially grew in a span of ten years. It broadens its network by adding several features, such as food delivery and a bicycle-sharing system.

Uber’s strategy is to give customers a personalized experience by allowing them to decide how they want their ride with them to be.

They recently added options on the settings such as “quiet time” to let the driver know the customer’s preferred environment in the car.

Lyft is three years younger than Uber, although it also dominates the road having to operate in six hundred forty cities all over the United States, and nine cities in Canada. Just like Uber, it also has a bicycle-sharing system as well as scooters for easier and faster transportation in short distances.

Tesla Network on the other hand, also highlights a unique ride-sharing system offering self-driven electric cars. The company still has a lot of polishing to do before deploying the robotaxis on the streets, but Musk is optimistic about his vision of the future where robotaxis will give us maximum comfort on the road with its self-driving program.

Elon Musk’s Visions

Aside from Tesla, Elon Musk also co-founded several innovative companies such as SpaceX

Elon Musk is well-known to be futuristic. He also founded an innovative firm called SpaceX in 2002 that specializes in aerospace technologies.

Musk was also the brain behind the creation of SolarCity Corporation that offers a variety of solar energy services. He co-founded an artificial intelligence research institution OpenAI that studies the beneficial attributes of AI to humanity.

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