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In The UK, Using Your Phone While Riding On The Passenger Seat Can Get You Fined

Many people in Great Britain don’t know that they would be fined even they use mobile on the passenger seat. If you use a mobile phone while sitting in the passenger seat, you will get fine of £200 and six penalty points. Also if you are a driving supervisor and using mobile while supervising the driver, you will get the same fine. When a supervisor teaches a learner driver driving, he is responsible for the car at that time and all the laws that apply to a driver apply to a supervisor as well. It means that while teaching a learner driver, you cannot touch your mobile.

It is important to note that these rules apply to all the professional driving supervisors as well as family or friends who are supposed to teach a new driver driving a car. So in order to avoid any accident, supervisors should act as they are driving the car.

Rules For Supervising A Learner Driver:

  1. The supervisor must be at least 21 years old.
  2. Must be skilled in driving the vehicle he/she is currently supervising.
  3. Must have a 3-year full driving license.
  4. Must have insurance over their learner drivers.
  5. Should not take payment from the learners unless he/she is a professional.

If you are supervising a learner and he/she breaks the speed limit, then you will be responsible for that violation and your license will be charged with penalty points. When you supervising a learner, you must treat it as you are driving the car, said Neil Greig, Director of Research Policy.

Rules For Giving Way To Emergency Services:

Motorists can also be fined if they broke the law of moving out of the way of emergency services. If you shift your vehicle to the lane of the bus for giving way to an emergency service, then 3 penalty points will be deducted from your license and you will also be fined with £100.

Updating Address On License:

If you have just changed your house and your license is still showing the old address, then you are violating the traffic laws. There are many drivers who get hefty fines from the police for having an old address at their driving license. If your licenses had an outdated mailing address, then you can face a penalty of £1,000.

Swashing Strollers With Puddles:

It is against traffic laws to splash pedestrians with the puddle.

It is also against the traffic laws to walk through puddles while splashing on the pedestrians. Drivers violating this law, face 3 penalty points and if the case goes to the court a fine ranging from £100 to £5,000 is imposed on the driver.

Allowing Dirt To Obscure Your Vehicle’s Number Plate:

If the number plate of your vehicle is obscured by dirt, then you can also face fine. The amount of fine, in this case, is subjective as police can hit the driver with a fine of £50 on spot and if the case goes to the court, it can increase to £1,000.

Sprinkling Headlights To Warn Motorists:

According to many drivers, it is a good practice to flashlights to warn other motorists for crossing speed limits. But doing so can cause you a fine of £30.

Driving With Pets:

It is illegal to drive with pet sitting on your lap.

Many drivers found driving with pets sitting in their laps and such drivers were found breaching the traffic rules. Driving with pets is totally against Highway Codes and you could face a penalty of £2,500 for violating this rule.

Driving A Car Having Snow On The Roof:

Leaving snow on the roof of your car is dangerous for you as well as for other drives driving around you as it can hinder your view and can slip down on the road making it harder for other drivers to drive. If you found with snow on the roof of your car, then you can face a fine of £60.

Paying Bills With Phone:

It is also illegal to pay via your phone when you are driving. This is because it is also considered as you are using a phone while driving. And doing so can make you pay a fine of £200 and a deduction of six penalty points.

Driving Codes On The Back Of License:

There are some driving codes written on the back of your license which show some information about how and when you can drive. The most common code is “01” and the drivers having a code “01” on the back of their license must use glasses while driving.

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