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From Private Jets to Luxury Hotels, Find out How Much the Royals Spend on Vacations

Prince William and Kate Middleton have always been fond of the private island of Mustique where the royal couple could enjoy their summer holiday without worrying about the public invading their privacy. But a two-week-long solitude doesn’t come with a reasonable price tag.

The Island of Mustique

Prince George celebrated his birthday twice on the island of Mustique with his family

Together with their three children, Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stayed at the deluxe Villa Antilles in Mustique. Located in the Caribbean archipelago nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the island offers breathtaking white-sand seaside such as the Pasture Beach, Macaroni Beach, and Endeavor Bay Beach.

The small island boasts a total of 1,400 acres of coastline rich with a variety of coral reefs. It serves as a home for different kinds of ocean species like herons, tortoises, and iguanas. Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t the first royalties who fell in love with the island. Princess Margaret used to spend her vacations on the private island of Mustique as well.

Did They Get a Royal Discount?

Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their summer holiday on their favorite island in the Caribbean with their three children

Due to the optimal privacy that it offers, many well-known personalities jet off to the Caribbean when they want to take a break from the glare of publicity.

Owned and founded by the Mustique Company, the island has a special place in the royal family’s hearts since the former manager of the company, the 8th Baron Latymer, Hugo Money-Coutts served his service to the Queen during his times in the Coutts banking dynasty.

Drummond Money-Coutts, the grandson of the late Hugo Money-Coutts also has a close friendship with the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother, James Middleton. So their personal relationships with them must also be one of the reasons why they love spending time on the island. Not to mention a discounted rate that they could avail considering their comradeship.

Accommodation and Airfare Rates

The regular rates during the summer holiday season start from $27,000 a week or approximately $3,857 per night. That doesn’t include the airfare, food, and beverages of the guests yet. The island’s private airline, Air Adelphi has an option to book an exclusive flight for the visitors or fly through the scheduled air transport via airline’s Twin Otter aircraft.

It takes more or less thirty minutes to reach the island of Mustique from St. Lucia, which costs around $279 to $320 per head. During the peak season, travelers can also fly from Barbados for about $390 per adult. Meanwhile, the exclusive flights from St. Lucia would cost around $390 and $440 from Barbados.

The Cambridge family’s recent summer holiday costs more than an average Briton’s yearly paycheck

Summing up all the expenses for the family of five like the Cambridge clan, an annual salary of a regular Briton might not be enough to cover the cost.

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