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Celebrities Living On Budget: But Why?

It is no secret that our favorite celebrities have hundreds of millions in net worth, hence it is natural of us to assume that they spend as lavishly as humanly possible.

Indeed, many have splurged on some of the most expensive houses we have ever seen, bought the most expensive cars we know of, and worn clothes from designers we can only dream of wearing.

However, that is only one kind of a celebrity, and although there is nothing wrong in spending your hard-earned money as you please, we would like to redirect your attention to those people who have amassed extreme popularity and riches yet choose to live a frugal lifestyle.

Celebrities are known for spending millions on houses and cars, providing an aspirational outlook of a lavish lifestyle

These celebrities are definitely breaking stereotypes about what it means to be rich and famous, showing that true happiness does not lie in getting your hands on the most expensive piece of jewelry or buying the biggest house you can afford.

Ed Sheeran Is Not Wasteful

For someone who has attained so much popularity at such a young age, there is little Ed Sheeran cannot buy with the amount he has earned through his amazingly famous music albums and songs.

But Sheeran is not like that. Instead of spending exuberantly like his counterparts in the entertainment industry, Sheeran allows himself only $1000 per month, most of which goes into taxi fare.

Making good use of his Barclays student account, which he got made when he was much younger than he is now, Sheeran separates this amount from his actual earnings and confines himself to spending only this much.

According to him, if more of his money was readily available to him, he’d end up spending it all. Hence, he makes sure he has ready access to only a limited amount.

Instead of spending like his counterparts in the entertainment industry, Sheeran allows himself only $1000 per month, most of which goes into taxi fare

The Coupon Lifestyle of Carrie Underwood

So what if she has sold more than 60 million of her records or won 7 Grammys, Carrie Underwood is still not going to give up her coupon lifestyle.

The singing sensation revealed in an interview that her coupon-clipping habit is as active as ever, and she ends up saving a lot by cooking up her meals in her home kitchen, and shopping for grocery all on her own to ensure she is getting only those things which she actually needs.

And when she is not in the mood to cook, she simply orders a Subway sandwich. Isn’t that a nice and budget-friendly way to live?

Kristen Bell Does Not Shy Away From Coupons Either

The coupon lifestyle seems to have a great appeal among some of our favorite celebs. Kristen Bell loves to shop with coupons, a fact she revealed to Conan O’Brien in an interview.

She is in love with the coupon provided by Bed Bath & Beyond, largely because the coupon entitles her to get 20% off of her bill, which translates into significant savings if you are going to purchase, say, an air conditioner.

Tiffany Haddish Believes That Old Is Gold

Her film Girls Trip turned out to be very successful, but Tiffany Haddish still has all her earnings stacked away for now. Haddish still drives her Honda HR-V, a hybrid car which she has had for quite a while.

Although many of her peers love to indulge in designer bags, Haddish is open about the fact that she owns a fake Michael Kors bag, although she does have real designer bags now which she received as gifts. She does own a backpack by Madden Girl, however that cost her only $45 on sale so we don’t blame her at all for making that purchase.

No New Cars For Dave Grohl

Normally we’d expect a star of Dave Grohl’s stature to exhibit a collection of fancy cars, but it has become clear to us that he is a very different kind of celebrity. Whatever he earns goes straight to his bank, while he continues to sit behind the wheel in his family car.

We wonder what he plans to do with all that money he is stacking away, but it has become abundantly clear to us that for someone like him, saving money is certainly not an issue.

These celebrities are great examples of how living a frugal lifestyle is possible and important. Just because you are earning more now doesn’t mean you have to increase your expenditure accordingly. Whatever you save now becomes available for your future, which is what we need to invest in by the end.

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