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Ex-Royal Power Couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Officially Shut Down Their Charity

In case you forgot that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle simply do not want anything to do with the Royal Family, their latest move will humbly fill in as a reminder.

In the latest news, PEOPLE officially confirmed that the couple will be closing down their charity organization- SussexRoyal- the process of which is nearly complete as all the necessary paperwork has been filed and submitted to the relevant authorities in the United Kingdom.

Getty Images | The ex-royal couple has officially rid themselves of all ties to the Royal Family

Harry and Meghan are reportedly planning on establishing a new non-profit organization, but they will have to look for a new trademark for their next venture due to the rules of the UK government, which prohibits the use of the word ‘Royal’ in any event, program, project, or organization, in which a member of the Royal Family is not involved.

Likewise, in their departure agreement with her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, the couple is not permitted to use the word ‘Royal’ in any of their subsequent projects or organizations. To that measure, when the couple announces the birth of their new organization come Spring, it is lawfully and legally not supposed to contain the R-word.

Getty Images | The couple is all set to begin their new lives away from the Royal Family

In its very short-lived life, SussexRoyal undertook only one initiative: Travalyst. The program was launched to support sustainable tourism and travel in the UK. Since the couple no longer has control over the organization, it is now functioning as an independent entity that has been provided all the assets that belonged to the trademark.

At this point, as SussexRoyal is undergoing the period of “solvent liquidation”, apart from Prince Harry, all trustees will have to step down from the board. Once the liquidation process is complete, Prince Harry will also have to leave behind his position as Trustee and Director of SussexRoyal. With the destruction that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, sources close to the non-profit state that it will try to make a difference by working on areas that have been most hard hit by the pandemic.

Harry and Meghan’s latest philanthropic feat is another nonprofit organization called Archewell. The name, as the couple revealed, took root in their minds long before SussexRoyal, which also became the inspiration for their son’s name: Archie. The Greek word “arche” means ‘source of action’ and it inspired the word Archewell- to do something that has meaning, and something that matters.

Fox News | The ex-royal baby’s name comes from Greek roots

For now, all that can be done is wait patiently for the power couple to launch this new venture, as they made it very clear that they do not want to be pressured into rushing something that they will be involved in for the rest of their lives. What little information they provided includes the fact that the charity will have a dynamic website, volunteering services, books, films, and even podcasts!

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