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Find Out Why The People of Cotswold District are Worried About the Impact of Peter Mullin’s €150 Million Car Museum Project

The American billionaire and president of American Bugatti Club, Peter Mullin is trying to cut the edge with his revolutionary vision.

He is planning to construct a fancy car museum in the Cotswold District in England. Although he did receive the go signal to pursue the project, people in the neighborhood have mixed emotions about Mullin’s proposal.

€150 Million Car Museum

Peter Mullin is a well-known businessman who owns an extravagant vintage car collection

As a vintage car enthusiast and philanthropist, Mullin is hoping to build a futuristic car exhibit archive that will provide 338 jobs for the locals.

His project will consist of a car storehouse, a race track, and 28 vacation cottages at the 63-hectare property nearby Chipping Norton. The entire project reportedly costs €150 million to make this dream come true.

Luxury vs. Countryside

West Oxfordshire District Council agreed to support the project at odds with seven out of twelve votes. One hundred eighty letters tried to stop Mullin’s agenda while two hundred twenty gave their approval.

Some local residents and Sir Patrick Stewart are worrying that this innovative plan may ruin the neighborhood due to its elitist and mercenary aspects. They think a fabulous Bently car showroom, vintage vehicles, and multi-million dollar houses are too much for the countryside.

In addition to that, they believe the modernization of the greenfield site will cause heavy traffic jams, which will disrupt the tranquility of the place. The area is known for its natural beauty, plainness, and serenity, and people think that luxury is simply inappropriate to a community where affordable housing is rare.

Foster + Partners’ submitted their architectural plan for Mullin Automotive Park at Enstone Airfield

Is the Innovation Beneficial to the Neighborhood?

However, Mullin was able to convince more people that his project could be beneficial for everyone. Mullin’s goal is to provide €1.7 million worth of low-cost homes to the entire neighborhood, a parking area for a local school, a traffic control system, and a community bus shuttle.

He promised to transform the damaged brownfield site into a promising state-of-the-art complex. The vicinity is also well-known by its affiliation to the Beckhams, Kate Moss, and the popular Soho Farmhouse.

Peter Mullin and his wife have supported several charitable costs

Born in South Pasadena, California, Peter Mullin is also the founder of the M Financial Group and Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California, while he sits as chairman of M Financial Holdings and Mullin Barenss Sanford Financial.

He got a degree in Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara and started his first business in 1969 when he founded Mullin Consulting.

He also has several philanthropic activities such as supporting colleges and universities, Roman Catholic charities, and donating millions to an art center. His noble works gained him the titles Knight of Malta and Knight of Saint Gregory.

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