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This $20-Million Boat Stole the Show at 2019 Yacht Event for a Surprising Reason

There isn’t a single sailing enthusiast who doesn’t know of South Florida’s international boat show held in Fort Lauderdale, is there? The show has established itself as the biggest of its kind in the world, attracting enthusiasts from all parts of the globe.

For 60 years running, Florida has attracted masses in the thousands, all anticipating to be swept off their feet by the luxury yachts on display. The fact that the event has been going on for six decades is a true testament to the merchandise that show-goers feast their eyes on.

The annual event attracts masses in the thousands

The Majesty 140

The 2019 show wasn’t any different, and the one yacht that stood out was the Majesty 140. NBC Sports even went ahead to name it the best boat on the show this year, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who disagrees with the news outlet.

When it comes to luxury yachts, size matters a whole lot, and the Majesty 140 does not disappoint on that front. It covers more than one-hundred-and-forty feet, and you better believe that filling up the entire length are exquisite pieces of furnishing that can’t be found on any ordinary yacht. What else would you expect for a boat worth $20 million, according to the Sun Sentinel?

This beautiful yacht has its roots in Dubai, having been put together by Gulf Craft, the leading boat manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. They did a pretty good job for their boat to make an impression on the show, considering that the Majesty 140 wasn’t the largest ship on display this year. That title went to Madsummer, a debutant mega-yacht spanning 311 feet.

An exquisite piece of finishing

Among the luxurious amenities on this vessel is a beach club on its upper deck, sporting a centrally-placed Jacuzzi surrounded by multiple lounging spots. Indoors, you find more than enough space to relax, with high end furniture being used to furnish the rooms.

Impressive Interiors

The interior design is as impressive as you can imagine, especially because it was the work of the renowned Cristiano Gatto. The fashion design team from Italy has undeniable talent, and nothing says that more than the fact that they have designed more than 200 boats around the globe.

By being almost unanimously named the best in the 2019 international boat show, the Majesty 140 has replaced last year’s winner, Mangusta Oceano Namaste. Spanning 135 feet long, this yacht was the best the 2018 event had to offer.

This year, approximately 110,000 attendees were present for the show that started on October 30 till November 3, with roughly around $508 million changing hands in those few days. With as many as 1,500 vessels on display, there was surely lots of businesses to conduct, don’t you think?

There were as many as 1,500 vessels on display

Business Insider had also predicted that more than 100,000 pints of beer would be gobbled down, and that’s no surprise if you put into consideration the number of people present for the event.

According to Tentimes, the annual show has something for everyone, so you can already start planning to attend the 2020 event. The marine industry is quite diverse, and the event showcases this diversity in its fullest. Although yachts are the main theme here, other products and/or accessories necessary for the nautical lifestyle are usually on display.

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