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Fancy a Trip to the North Pole? This Luxury Yacht is Now Accepting Reservations

The show Below Deck is making everyone wish they spent most of their time aboard luxurious yachts. Airing on Bravo, the reality series follows the lives of people who work in such boats (referred to as yachties), ensuring that the needs of their clients are met.

While watching the show, which destination do you always long for? Most people tend to favor the South Pacific or the Mediterranean. Never has Antarctica featured on your travel destinations, right?

A Decade in Operation

But while it may not spark any interest in you, there’s that select group of people that is largely interested in Antarctica and the Poles in general. For a luxury travel business specializing in trips to the northernmost and southernmost parts of the earth to have been operational for a decade now, you must admit that there are enough individuals in their target market.

Henry Cookson holds a World Record for his South Pole exploits

Since 2009, clients of the travel company Cookson Adventures have been to various destinations across the world, the Poles included. In fact, the company’s founder holds the World Record for being the first man to reach the inaccessible South Pole i.e., the heart of Antarctica.

Travel and adventure are at the very heart of this company, with the founder leading by example. By his excursion, he motivated his team to push themselves to greater heights. Now, they live to make previously inaccessible places in the world accessible, and they get you there via the most luxurious means possible.

To organize such experiences, you definitely need to have experts in the field. Cookson Adventures partners with ex-yacht crew members such as Neal Bateman, and submersible pilots such as Ofer Ketter. The company’s CEO, Adam Sebba, admits that by having these two on their team, they believe that they have the best human resources in the industry.

Other Destinations

While the company may have created a niche for itself in traveling to the Poles, these are not the only destinations they have to offer. One other attractive destination is in Japan, specifically the Kuril Islands.

The Kuril Islands in Japan

Located in the northern part of the country and to the east of Russia, the islands are rich in marine life including otters, sea lions, and sperm whales.

Here, you can also spot rare birds, and if interested, you can tour submarine bases that were put up by the Soviets. If you are a historian, this would be a very prospective destination.

Greenland is also another place where Cookson Adventures have mastered. It has been documented as being one of the most difficult places to explore, but this particular company has hacked it. In Greenland, you’ll get to feast your eyes on narwhals, muskoxen, polar bears, bowhead whales, name them!

A polar bear in Greenland

In Svalbard, another destination, you get more wildlife or rather marine life. In 2016, the company says, the ice was so thick that they had to hire an icebreaker to go ahead of the yacht. If this doesn’t scream dedication, what does? The entire team works to ensure that their clients get as amazing an experience as they possibly can.

Cookson Adventures prides itself on having a positive impact on the destinations they frequent, and CEO Sebba says that they ensure they leave a place better than they found it.

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