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Hawaii Will Ban Sunscreen Use in 2021 — Find Out Why

Summer is definitely here and everyone wants to get a bit of a natural tan but they would also want to be protected at all times. This is why most people who want to go out in the sun or lay on the beach, would always have sunscreen with them. Sunscreen, sunblock, or suntan lotion absorbs and reflects the ultraviolet rays that are coming from the sun that could be really harmful to the skin, hence everyone makes sure that they have it along with their hats and sunglasses.

The American Cancer Society even recommends applying sunscreen every few hours depending on how long do you need to be out in the sun. This is because sunscreen could prevent skin cancer and people could even choose how much SPF or sun protection factor would their skin need for the day. Then again, it turns out that even if sunscreen could protect the human skin, some of them actually destroys the coral reefs, continue reading to find out more about it.

Hawaii will soon ban certain types of sunscreen

Hawaii Corals VS Sunscreen

For the very first time in the history of the world, some of the types of sunscreen will be banned in Hawaii. Last week on the 1st of May, the legislative department of the Hawaiian local government passed a bill that would ban usage and selling of sunscreens that contain the chemicals oxybenzone and octinixate.

The ban would then begin in 2021 once the bill is signed by Governor. David Ige. The banning of the sunscreen containing those chemicals are actually based on the research wherein it was discovered that whenever the sunscreen is worn by humans and they swim in the ocean that would then lead to the sunscreen drifting off of them, it leads to the corals and ends up damaging them.

The type of sunscreens that contains zinc oxide as well as titanium oxide does not have the same effect on the corals which is why those kinds of sunscreens will still be allowed. The research said that more than 14,000 tons of sunscreen manage to make its way to the coral reefs every single year.

Marine biologists that were involved in the said research said that it is very important to make these changes especially if it is destroying the coral reefs. They are already in threat with all the coral bleaching happening, which is why if there is something mankind is doing that would cause any more harm to the corals, it must be stopped right away.

That is literally the least we could do to make sure these corals live. Climate change makes the water get even warmer than it is supposed to. It acidified the ocean water that causes the coral bleaching. Every single coral counts so they must be protected in any way possible. Almost half of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is already considered to be dead because of coral bleaching, people must not wait for all the corals to be dead before taking action, then it would all be too late.

Protect Your Skin Without Sunscreen

The coral reefs need to be protected and there is no doubt about that, however, the Hawaii Medical Association said that this may lead to an increase when it comes to the number of people having skin cancer. Then again, the sunscreen ban only covers two specific types of chemicals and that would literally mean not every sunscreen is banned in Hawaii. Experts believe that there are still natural ways to protect yourself from too much sun exposure without sunscreen. The sun is at its peak from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, so if you stay in the sun earlier or later than that then you’ll be fine.

Experts say that an hour sunbathing is already a lot so it’s best not to sleep while sunbathing or you will literally get fried. There are also some drugs that you could ask your doctor to prescribe you that would increase your sensitivity to UV rays. People are so concerned about their skin without sunscreen but there are a lot of people who choose to get into tanning beds and sun lamps, which also has UV rays in it.


Environmentalists believe that people can avoid getting skin cancer especially if they know that they don’t have sunscreen on. Mankind would always have a choice since they are responsible of themselves, but coral reefs have no defense against what mankind is doing, even from climate change, which are also caused by humans.

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