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London Marathon Hits World Record; Chef Runner Dies

Last April 22, runners from different parts of the world gathered in London to become a part of the annual London Marathon, which is known to be one of the most famous long-distance running events in the world. The said marathon actually started 37 years ago. Because of how massive it is, it has become one of the top six international marathons in the world alongside the Boston Marathon.

It even holds the Guinness Book of World Record with the largest fundraising event every single year. This is because the London Marathon have managed to raise hundreds of millions over the past couple of years and it was all for charity. Then again, this is, of course, a competition and not just a charity fun run. A lot of has happened the last couple of years but it would seem that this year’s marathon is memorable because both good and bad news was reported, continue reading to find out more.

2018 London Marathon

Kenya’s representative, Eliud Kipchoge, has managed to reach the finish line and win the 2018 London Marathon for men’s edition. This wasn’t the very first time that he won since he also managed to snag the price back in 2015 and 2016. United Kingdom’s representative, Sir Mo Farah may not have won but still got to break a new record in third place by finishing in two hours, six minutes and twenty-one seconds.

In an interview with BBC, he admitted that the race was literally like a do or die situation and the other two who managed to run pass him were on full gear and were literally going for the record. He did try his best though but he admitted that he was way too exhausted. The Olympic gold medalist wasn’t the only one though, this is because it as been the hottest London Marathon yet with 24 degrees Celsius.

More than 40,000 people have decided to join this year’s marathon and tried to beat the heat. The runners were actually warned right before the race that it will be way hotter than usual so they have to be prepared. The marathon started with the Queen pressing the button in Windsor Castle around 10:00 British Standard Time. This was definitely a record-breaking heat since the last one was in 2007 with 22.6 degrees Celsius.

According to the event director, Hugh Brasher, some of the organizers have given just about four and a half liters of water for their respective participants but the water still ran out when the race reached to eight to ten miles. Even if not everyone get to finish the race, it is still a great opportunity to become a part of such a historical event like this.

There are some who participated with an attempt to break world records by wearing costumes and outfits just like the one wearing a Paddington mascot costume, the one wearing an armory and more. Then again, only one of them set a new world record and that is Rob Pope, who dressed as Forrest Gump. He managed to finish in two hours and thirty-six minutes.

Chef Runner Died At London Marathon

Some people may have achieved triumphs by breaking records, but a devastating news was released after the event. The organizers revealed that 29-year-old Chef Matt Campbell, passed out while running the 26.2-mile course. He did receive immediate medical attention as soon as he collapsed but he, unfortunately, faced death while in the hospital.

Campbell was known for taking part at the “Masterchef: The Professionals UK” last year and was also said to be a big fan of marathons. The organizers didn’t exactly reveal the cause of death but they have released a statement that they are offering their condolences to the family, who was said to have asked for their privacy.

Campbell ran for the marathon because he wanted to raise money for the Brathay Teusr, which is an organization who is helping those people who are having a hard time coping with their lives. This wasn’t the very first time he joined a marathon, in fact, he participated in the Manchester marathon just two weeks before the London Marathon took place. The chef even posted a photo with a runner friend before the race started.

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