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This New Italian Yacht Looks Like a Killer Whale, and Can Comfortably Handle the Arctic

If superyachts intrigue you, then you must have heard of the Italian shipyard that goes by the name Rosetti Superyachts. Better yet, you must be up to date with the shipyard’s latest unveiling, no?

Should you be in the dark though, this is just the piece that will bring you back into the light. Thank the heavens for us, will you?

The shipyard recently unveiled Project Orca, and as its name suggests, the yacht draws inspiration from killer whales. These marine mammals are otherwise known as orcas, with the scientific name for the whales and dolphins in this group being Orcinus orca.

Matching the Huge Mammal

The Explorer Yacht will be 213 feet long, ten times the length of a fully-grown male killer whale. All the same, its general appearance will match the huge mammal, with the design mimicking the orca down to its dorsal fin.

As Rosetti Superyachts CEO Fulvio Dodich put it via a statement released by the shipyard, killer whales roam freely across all oceans in the world, a feat that their Explorer Yacht seeks to emulate.

CEO Dodich says that their yacht seeks to emulate the spirit of the killer whales

According to the firm, Project Orca will take three years to complete. They, however, did not reveal how much the entire venture would cost them.

What they did share was that the end product would have four decks, be as luxurious as superyachts come, and have a 5,000-mile range with a speed of up to 11 knots. Powering the ship will be two CAT 3512 engines and the ship will also have an extended tail which will serve as its helipad. Not bad, right?

Similar to killer whales, the Orca is expected to function optimally in harsh climates, particularly the unforgiving weather at the Arctic. After all, haven’t killer whales established their dominance in most parts of the Arctic Ocean?

According to Business Insider, the ship’s main deck will be spacious enough for lounging and could also have an infinity pool. Other features that will most likely be present here will be a dining area, a helipad, and access to an elevator.

The ship’s main deck will be spacious enough

According to Project Orca’s design, the superyacht will accommodate a maximum of twelve guests accompanied by fourteen crew members. Naturally, the travelers on board will rest their heads in guest suites. You wouldn’t expect anything less, would you? As for the members of the crew, their accommodation is obviously in the ship’s bow.

The superyacht’s design, just so you know, is thanks to the expertise of Meccano Engineering, with input, obviously, from the Italian shipyard.

An Emerging Trend

As it seems, Rosetti Superyachts are simply following an emerging trend in Arctic travel. Earlier in the year, Florida-based Marlow Yachts unveiled the Voyager 100, a 100-foot vessel designed to withstand the frigid Arctic temperatures.

The Marlow Voyager 100 is also designed for Arctic travel

Ship designers have even used this platform to comment on climate change, especially because the crisis is the very reason why ships can now navigate through the Arctic. Before when it was all ice, traveling to this part of the world was unheard of.

An Italian designer came up with a yacht in the shape of an ice cap that’s melting, sending the message that we need to look after our planet.

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