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Pompeo’s Visit Paved The Way For American Prisoners Held In North Korea, Says Trump

On Wednesday, president Trump announced that three US citizens have been released by North Korea after the state secretary Mike Pompeo visited North Korea for a diplomatic meeting with Kim-Jong. Pompeo went on a short visit to Pyongyang and now returning back to the US with three US detainees who are in a good healthy condition, said the president. It was also confirmed by the president that he would warmly welcome them at the Washington airport.

Trump also tweeted about the return of three US prisoners. In his tweet, he said that he is delighted to announce that Secretary of the state Mike Pompeo is flying back to the US along with three US gentlemen whom everyone was looking forward to meeting. All of them are in good healthy condition, said Trump in his tweet.

Before flying to North Korea, Pompeo said that he was very excited to bring the US citizens back to where they belong. After that. Trump also announced that the date and place have been decided for his historic meeting with North Korean president Kim-Jong and he further confirmed that the meeting place is not Korean Demilitarized Zone.

Mike Pompeo on his visit to North Korea where he was able to get the 3 US citizens.

An official statement was released by Sarah Sanders, the secretary of the House Press, in which it was stated that Mr. Trump is really happy with the Kim as he bales out three US citizens and he further said that the release of US citizens is a good gesture from Kim.

Sarah further said that all 3 US citizens were in good condition and were able to walk on the plane without any help. Mike Pompeo made his way to North Korea for a meeting with Kim in context of the upcoming summit between the US and North Korea. As soon as Pompeo flies to North Korea, Trump hinted at the possibility of US prisoners’ release. When asked about the prisoner’s release, Trump said that they would find out soon about the release and if North Korea decided to release them, it would be a great thing.

3 US citizens released by North Korea

As soon as the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, Pompeo was asked to meet with Kim by the president. And president Trump is confident that he would be able to denuclearize North Korea in the coming summit. During an interview, Sarah said that it would be a positive gesture if North Korea decided to release the US prisoners. Last Wednesday, Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director said that the outcomes of these meetings are yet to come and there is an uncertainty about the results of these meetings. But there is one thing which dead sure — that the government will never repeat the mistakes made by the previous administration. He further said that they want to solve the matter once and for all. Pompeo also said that this time their eyes are wide open and a bad deal is not what they are hoping for.

All three Americans released were sentenced in the last couple of years. One of them was Kim Dong Chul, a Virginia student. Chul was sentenced in April 2016 after he was accused of spying. It was also reported that Chul was operating a hotel in Rason, a place near the border of North Korea and Russia.

The other was Tony Kim, who was caught at Pyongyang Airport in April 2017. Tony was accused of carrying hostile acts against the regime. At that time, Tony was teaching accounting at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. After the release, Kim’s family thanked everyone who contributed in his return to home.

The last one was Kim Hak Song. He was a Korean and was born in China. Hak was sentenced for his hostile acts in May 2017. At that time he was working at an experimental farm of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.

Mike Pompeo’s visit was the latest activity regarding the upcoming summit. However, Kim-Jong is establishing prolonged relations with China and South Korea as he met with the presidents of both countries recently. During the Korean Summit, both nations agreed to end their long-term war and also agreed on denuclearization.

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