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Sam Chui Flies Lavish! Check Out His $200 Million Private Jet That Has a Throne

If you are an aviation enthusiast, then you definitely know all about Sam Chui. He is a man of many trades, but he is best known for his luxury flight vlogging. Other aviation enthusiasts such as Johnny Quinlan have confessed to being a bit envious of Chui, but his charming personality during his presentations keep bringing them back to his channel.

Sam Chui is best known for his luxury flight vlogging

Just last month, Chui revealed his best 2019 flight experience. For a man who has been aboard many luxurious airplanes, this one has to be something to die for if he describes it as his very best. Thus far, the vlogger has been to more than 100 countries, taking over 2,000 flights for all his travels.

All Alone

So, what exact bird did he tour the skies with? It happens to be a private $200 million jet, and he was on it all alone (save for the crew, of course) for a four-hour journey from Canada to the US. Chui’s reputation precedes him, and as he revealed, it was the jet’s owner who invited him to take the flight.

It turns out the bird is just about to be sold, and the Canada-Us journey was a scheduled maintenance flight, as the jet hadn’t been flown for twelve months. Before changing ownership, it’ll also have to be repainted.

When Chui got the invitation, he was actually on the other side of the world, having the time of his life in Mauritius. However, the opportunity was too big to pass up, and he was on the next flight to Toronto via Paris. The jet was in Hamilton, so Chui had to drive thereafter landing.

Being the only one aboard a machine with a 313-passenger capacity, the travel vlogger was able to tour the plane exhaustively and to the delight of his fans. For the takeoff, Chui was comfortable on the jump seat in the cockpit, revealing that he was over the moon seeing the pilots operate the Boeing 747SP.

When they were safely in the sky, the enthusiastic vlogger went to explore the bird, starting with the plane’s upper deck, where he found the most elegant of recliner seats. As he explained, the LA-Z-BOY seats offer lots of legroom, and that they recline fully means that you can extend the legroom if you so wish.

After they were in the sky, he went to explore the plane

Gold Fixtures

Taking a spiral flight of stairs headed downwards, Chui found himself in the master suite, complete with a double bed and sofa, all made of posh leather. Talk of the height of comfort! The bathroom was even more eye candy, especially with its gold fixtures. Gold!

Next, Sam Chui explored the plane’s meeting room, revealing exquisite leather chairs. There was one that stood out though – a blue chair at the room’s extreme end, with the vlogger revealing that it is referred to as the throne. This chair, he said, reclines up to a hundred-and-eighty degrees, and all you have to do is press on a button.

The throne reclines up to 180 degrees

Past the meeting room were more seats going towards the back of the plane, all made of comfy pure leather. Next, Chui showed everyone the private office, then spent the rest of the flight moving from one seat to the next, and by the time he landed, he had sampled all seats on the Boeing 747SP.

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