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The Super Yachts Showcased at This Year’s Miami Yacht Show Will Blow Your Mind

Yacht fans from around the world wait for an entire year to return to the extravagantly gorgeous Annual Miami Yacht Show which traditionally takes place at the breathtaking Miami Beach. However, the event planners decided to shift the venue this year to One Herald Plaza located in the downtown area of Miami, a move which is a first in the past 31 years.

That was not the only change to take place at this year’s show. The agenda for the program promised the audience a grander-than-usual event spread over a space of around 60 acres. The area for the display of the actual exhibition measured around 6,000 meters, showcasing more than 300 yachts coming in from around the globe.

Apart from the luxurious yachts, audiences were also dazzled with premium cars as well as private jets. The program also included special events as well as luxury retail of pop-up nature in an effort to offer something for everyone. That is not all. To tickle the artistic bone, an art fair was also organized in a nearby locality by the name of Art Wynwood, which is quite renowned among the art community.

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These yacht shows are usually attended by rich people who are interested in buying a yacht and add to their private collection, and also by those who are simply interested in marveling the beauty of these amazing boats.

But the show-stoppers of the event were obviously the magnificent yachts which graced the event. Let’s see exactly which yachts managed to steal the show.

Kismet by Lurssen

The Kismet became a reality in 2014 after being developed by the company Lurssen. As far as size is concerned, this was the biggest yacht to be displayed at the event measuring an impressive 95.2 meters. The steel hull of the yacht combined with a superstructure made of aluminum gave it a majestic feel, and the 13.8-meter long beam only added to that image.

As far as speed is concerned, this yacht manages to go as fast as 17 knots, while its cruise speed is somewhere around 14 knots. There is a capacity to entertain 12 guests at the same time in the 6 cabins which have been designed by none other than Reymond Langton. According to reports, Espen Oeino developed the exterior design of the yacht.

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Whoever owns the Kismet is bound to gain a lot of influence in the yachting community simply because of the magnificent size of this gorgeous boat.

Coral Ocean by Lurssen

Another one of Lurssen’s creations measuring 73 meters, the Coral Ocean is truly a sight to behold even though it was built all the way back in 1994. The beam of this yacht measures 12.4 meters, and just like the Kismet, this one also showcased a hull made of steel and a superstructure made of aluminum. The top speed of the Coral Ocean is around 17 knots, which is the same as the Kismet although it does cruise at a faster speed of 16 knots. As far as accommodative capacity is concerned, Lurssen has not changed this aspect much over the years by keeping the capacity at 12 guests in the 6 cabins which are available onboard.

Excellence V by Abeking & Rasmussen

The Excellence V is another very impressive yacht which was built on the designs of Reymond Langton, by the company Abeking & Rasmussen back in the year 2012. The size of the yacht is around 60 meters, and it has a beam which measures 12.8 meters.

Compared to the yachts mentioned above, the Excellence V is a tad bit slower with a top speed of around 16 knots while its cruising speed is 13 knots. The guest capacity has been kept 12, to be accommodated in 6 cabins.

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Designer Reymond Langton has given the yachting community a masterpiece in the form of Excellence V.

Minderella by Feadship

Perhaps the oldest yacht on this list, the Minderella was constructed by the company Feadship way back in the year 1986 yet it still managed to measure an impressive 58.82 meters and has the capability of reaching a top speed of 16 knots with a cruise speed of 13.5 knots.

However, when it comes to its accommodation capacity, this yacht fails to compete with the more modern ones as it has only 5 cabins which can take a total of 10 guests at a time.

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