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Superyacht Hour: Spot Some of the Vessels That Hit the Mediterranean in 2019

Being a massive water body bordering North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Levant, the Mediterranean Sea commands respect.

If the waters could speak, better believe that they’d tell the most exciting of tales. Among these would be stories of the impressive vessels that have cruised through the mighty sea, and 2019 has had quite the collection to offer.

How about a look at the impressive superyachts that sailed over the Mediterranean this year?

Tis & Bold

If you’re a superyacht enthusiast, you must have heard of either boat. They were both spotted off the French coast in Antibes, the Bold sailing tall in its 85-meter long glory which in comparison, was no match for the 111-meter long Tis.

The Bold was no match for the 11-meter long Tis

The latter ship made her international debut in September at the Monaco Yacht Show, although the Bold was also present. She, however, was lunched earlier in the year, specifically in May.

Syzygy 818

The Syzygy 818 is a 77.25-meter vessel, and just recently, the beauty was spotted off the Cap d’Antibes coast. If you didn’t already know, this is French for the Antibes coast, the same as the two vessels above.

And similar to Tis & Bold, the Syzygy 818 was in France for her debut at the Monaco show.


Moran sold this ship way back in 2016, and she has since then sailed across the world’s mighty waters a number of times.

In August, the 95-meter long vessel was showcasing her beauty along the French Riviera after spending a considerable amount of time cruising over the Baltic Sea.


This 90-meter graceful superyacht was spotted earlier in the summer on her way to Gibraltar.

This was no surprise as it had already been revealed that the ship’s owner would be on board with the rest of his family, including his grandchildren.

And by the way, the trip to Spain’s south coast was the DreAMBoat’s maiden journey.

DreAMBoat in all her glory

Sailing Yacht A

Fun fact: did you know that the Sailing Yacht A is among the largest superyachts the world over? It is 142.81 meters long, miles away from most vessels on this list.

As you would imagine, it would virtually be impossible to miss such a beast. And in October, she was spotted on Sardinia, and island in the Mediterranean.

In addition to being famous for her length, the Sailing Yacht A strikes interest among sailing enthusiasts for her design and distinct sails.

She is also somewhat of a mystery, seeing as not much about her interior is known.

Lady Britt

63 meters long, Lady Britt was spotted off the Croatian coast in early August, having set sail from Montenegro in late July.

Lady Britt off the Croatian coast

She has been around for quite a while, with Feadship having delivered her back in 2011. You better believe that Lady Britt is as luxurious as superyachts come, and her charter company Edmiston & Company admits as much.


Jubilee had her sea trials in the Netherlands before proceeding to the French Riviera, this being why she features on this list.

The ship is 110 meters in length and can host up to 30 guests thanks to its 15 cabins. It is also attractive to the eye especially because of its white exterior, and what more could you ask for?

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